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Sep 20, 2006 04:55 PM

Rasoee in Indian food EVER!

As an ex-pat Brit, I am fond of a curry, but haven't found one that really harkens me back to Birmingham, the British curry capital.

So I was deeply and pleasantly surprised to find Rasoee, on Birchmount near Ellesmere.

I had the samosas to start...light and crispy with excellent spiced filling, served piping hot with a lovely dipping sauce. Chicken Mahkini followed (excuse spelling) which is their butter chicken. Delicious! Creamy, moreish, and tender, nicely spiced (not too hot, but with a zing), served with a fluffy, light naan and a cucumber salad.

Total bill: $6.85.

Go there, go there, go there!

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  1. I tried their location on Richmond and it was outrageously expensive for what they serve...

    1. Ditto downtown (Richmond & Spadina). Tiny portions, ineptly prepared and under-spiced. Even Dhaba's a better deal!

      1. I too was less than impressed with their downtown location. Glad you posted, otherwise I would have written off their Birchmont location too. Thanks!

        1. I believe that, as a franchise, all locations deserve their own praise / criticism. Thanks for filling me in on the downtown location, what a shame it's not up to the same standard! I will definitely avoid it.

          I also meant to praise the generous portions of the Scarborough location. For the cost of a Big Mac meal, I thought that the food was fresh, filling, and delicious.