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Sep 20, 2006 04:25 PM

Innocenti no more, now KiWe Kitchen?

Just happened to be reading through some of the items on Martini Boys and came upon the listing of KiWe Kitchen, which will be opening soon. Looking at the address, I realized that it was the address of Innocenti, and when I tried Innocenti's website, I found that it is no longer up. Can anyone confirm what is listed on Martini Boys?

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  1. Drove by there about a week and a half ago and it was in the process of being renovated.. plus the Innocenti sign is gone so I have no reason to suspect the Martini Boys info is incorrect.

    1. Martini Boys IS correct. Innocenti closed a couple of months ago and the location is re-opening as KiWe Kitchen. The renos are HUGE. Those fimiliar with the previous digs (Innocenti and Corner Bistro) would drive right past it now. The front and side walls have been completely replaced by glass; complete with sliding glass doors for patio access. It is a complete transformation. I hear from insiders that the food will get top billing from the establishment. It is expected to be great!

      1. Who is the chef at KiWe? I walked by a few days ago and saw the reno but didn't see any info on the new resto or the management/chef?

        1. From the Martini Boys link above:

          'Former Bruyea Brothers and Teatro chef Aldo Lanzillotta will be sure to keep the menu creative and taste-bud savvy.'

          1. Sad news, the owner of Innocenti Tony Capizzano has passed away from cancer. Story in the Sun today:

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              That is so sad...

              I have heard that the new owner is one of the owners of Century Room...It'll be glitzy...Looking forward to seeing the outcome.