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Sep 20, 2006 04:08 PM

zip burger?

anyone been to zip burger? how is it - anything to watch out for (good or bad)?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I think it's pretty mediocre. Overpriced for a blah results. Nice ratio of toppings, good bacon, good quality ingredients -- but it adds up to nothing. And the fries are mealy and nasty. That being said, look, as a burger afficianado, you'll want to try it. Maybe it's up your alley, or maybe it's improved since I ate there in the first week of its operation.

      1. I've eaten there a handful of times & like it. Good Burger is closer to me so I'll go there instead of Zip but if the distances were reversed I'd go to Zip instead of Good Burger.
        I like the Zip burger on an english muffin & the fries are pretty good-belgian style. It gets crowded after 12 noon so go there earlier or be prepared to wait. They have a dining area upstairs but it isn't too big. Both Zip & Good Burger are Le Burger Joint clones. I ate there last week (even further away from me...) after a 2-3 month respite and forgot how good it is-better than both of the copycats...

        1. I like Zip Burger. They have the best fries in the neighborhood, and my burger always comes medium-rare like I order it (I like it on sour-dough toast with blue). I had the salmon burger the other day and it was fresh and quite tasty.

          1. I like it if you are in the nabe. Everytime I have gotten fries they are hot and delicious.

            I order the turkey burger on a whole wheat bun, so I can't comment on the beef.