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Anyone know where to find them in Manhattan?

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  1. Starbucks and Whole Foods. Seriously.

    But neither are as good as the ones in Amsterdam.

    1. Starbucks has stopped serving them. You can get them off the internet. Coffeecakes.com

      1. I alwasy see them in Health Food Stores: LifeThyme on 6th Avenue in the village: perelandra in Brooklyn Heights. Fairways markets have them too.

        1. they're at the garden of eden grocery stores. i get them at the one on 14th and 5th ave.

          1. Question somewhat off tangent. When I was in Amsterdam, I had a waffle from a pushcart that I have never been able to find. It wasn't like the thin tuilles that I picture with stroopwafel. Instead, it resembled a thinner belgian waffle. It was buttery and crusty with sugar that almost seemed baked into the waffle rather than dusted over the top. I am crushed that I didn't have more of them while I was there years ago.

            Do you have any idea what this was? Was it, in fact a stroopwafel?

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              Not sure what this is called but I believe you can get these at Petite Abielle (sp?). Kind of like a less perfect looking waffle (no perfect rimmed border like belgian waffles) and it is definitely sweet.

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                I'm not in NY so my best hope is to make them myself. Any idea what they are called? A style indicator even?

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                  Yes, it sounds like you are describing the Gaufre de Liege at Petite Abeille.

              2. Oren's coffee shops had them. Also, le pan quotidian has similar waffle-like treats packaged to go.

                1. The one's in Starbucks were too small to rest atop a coffee cup, the ones on Coffeecake.com look like the larger ones....so good after the caramel melts from the warmth of the coffee....oh I want one now!

                  1. trader joe's has the mini ones (like 1.5 inches diameter) in blue bags

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                      and they're really good... in my opinion. chewy and very snack-able