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Sep 20, 2006 03:46 PM

Cafe Lucca Artisan Gelato - Old Town Orange

I was at the TAste of Newport over the weekend and was quite enamored by the pistachio ice cream and chocolate hazelnut of Gelato Paradiso.

Yesterday I tried 6 flavors at CAfe Lucca in Orange Circle. My instant favorites were butterfinger and chocolate covered banana. I'd skip Almond JOy.

The restaurant has a great panini and salad selection on the menu, too bad I can't stay for dinner. Will definitely go back to dine and taste more ice cream!

Cafe Lucca
Glassell st (north of the circle)
Orange, CA

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  1. I felt the gelato's texture was more like an ice cream and it was too sweet for my taste. You can find a better gelato at cafe blanc in costa mesa.

    1. Are they the same owners as the Lucca in Irvine off Shady Canyon exit off the 405?

      The owners of Il Farro in Newport Beach just opened a Gelateria by the Newport Pier call Il Gelato. I have been a few times and really liked it. Now that summer is over the parking is not that bad.

      1. I just tried Caffe Lucca for the first time, and I loved it! I had the tuscan country soup with beans and sausage. It was spicy, but really tasty. I also split one of the salads (vito?) with a friend, and it was excellent. I'm not actually a gelato lover, but I thought it was very good. They were very generous with the free tastes, and then a small was actually very large! I highly recommend it!

        Oh, also, they have two sandwiches for kids. They are both on mulitgrain bread (which I really appreciate). One is grilled cheese (might be a panini) and the other is peanut butter, honey and bananas. Each sandwich is only $2! My son wasn't with me the day I went, but I plan to take him back to try them out soon!