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Sep 20, 2006 03:42 PM

Newbie goes to Napa

Disclaimer: Yes, I've spent a lot of time reading Chowhound's numerous posts on this topic & gleaned lots of useful info.

Its my first trip to Napa as a person of legal drinking age =)
We'll only have one day, or a day and a half at most. Staying at my aunt's house - which I'm told is 5 minutes away from Bistro Don Giovanni. Leading me into...

Dinner choices. I've read lots of positive reviews about Bistro Don Giovanni. My parents & relatives always take my aunt out to eat here, I think because of the proximity to her house. I like the idea of taking her somewhere new... would Zuzu be appropriate for a 70 year old woman? Caveats: I don't want to wander too far away from her home; no French bistro places. Any suggestions?

Winery choices. Here's my (ambitious) list: Artesa, Cliff Lede, Miner, Robert Sinskey, Trefethen. My husband wants to visit COPIA also, so I don't expect to be able to hit all these places in one our time span - but it was hard to whittle! Comments?


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  1. I loved the architecture and fountains at Artesa. Here's my report with pics:

    another winery I like, but just for artwork is Hess Winery in Napa.

    I don't know much about wine, but those two wineries are my favorite to visit, Sterling Winery is fun for the tram ride up to the winery $15pp, go to their website and print out $5 off coupon:

    Skip Copia-it's a waste of money.

    this link has good info:

    I'd love to try Angele in Napa, Melanie Wong's old report here:

    Here's Ruth Lafler's old post on Napa Valley:

    Please report back wherever you go.

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      That report was a real "blast from the past" -- it reminds me that I still miss Roux and that I should get up to Meadowood for dinner now that their main restaurant has reopened. I had a reprise of my "birthday dinner with Vincent Nattress" a couple of years ago when only the grill at Meadowood was open, and it was very good. I've come to believe sometimes you find a chef whose palate is in tune with yours, and Nattress seems to be one of mine.

      I think it's a good idea to take a tasting break by putting Artesa/Hess (which are near each other, but just outside the Napa Valley proper) somewhere into the mix. You can take a break from tasting to just enjoy the scenery, architecture and art.

      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        Is Roux closed? I found Roux's address:1234 Main St, St Helena 707-963-5330

        Meadowood Napa Valley
        900 Meadowood Ln, St Helena CA 94574

        1. re: hhc

          Roux has been closed for several years. To clarify my original post, the chef/owner of Roux, Vincent Natress, is now the executive chef at Meadowood.

    2. I think your winery choices are excellent and with the exception of Artesa, are all fairly close together so you won't have a lot of travel time between them. Saying that, Copia is not that close and I would probably pass on it. All produce excellent wines and have very nice tasting rooms. Artesa is beautiful with outstanding views.