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Sep 20, 2006 03:41 PM

Alcove Cafe on Hillhurst

Has anyone been? Thoughts? Recommendations? TIA!

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  1. I really like the Alcove. Good food, and lots of it. You stand in line and order your food at the counter, then they bring it out. My only complaint is that their chairs are not very comfy (and the majority of seating is outside, which is great on a sunny day but otherwise not so fab).

    Lots of delicious looking cakes and pies and cookies in the glass case too. Plus great little French deli/shop in the same building.

    1. at the cafe, we like the crab cake sandie, black tiger shrimp salad, the brie & apple panini, roast beef panini, and almond cake.

      coffee is very decent.

      we also like the salads, cheeses, and chaurcuterie at the wine/cheese shop next door.

      it's not all mindblowing, but solid.

      1. You should check the board database on this place, there was a lot of discussion recently about how it had tanked both in quality of food and service.

        1. I did a search for Alcove on several of the pages and came up with nothing. Would you be able to tell me how to search the board database? Thanks!

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            Go to the white search box atop the LA(or any other)Message board, click on the word advanced to the right of it, then fill in the name of the place you want to know about, and then to the right of it, scroll down to the LA message board, then you get a choice of dates here, and just leave it "at the beginning" and you will get all kinds of posts. Good luck.

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              Thank you, Carter! I found many old posts. Thanks again!

          2. two friends and i ate at the alcove for lunch on saturday. ive eaten here a few times before and it was decent but on saturday i learned never to order the carafe of sangria. it is the biggest ripoff ever. for 25 bucks you get maybe an 18oz carafe of what seemed to be a non-alcoholic passion fruit daquiri. it also didnt arrive at our table until we were nearly done with our sandwiches. it tasted alright but all of us agreed that there was not an ounce of booze in the thing. for 25 dollars i want to feel at least buzzed and it would have been nice to enjoy it with our actual meal!