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Sep 20, 2006 03:32 PM

East Village bests

Going to spend a day in the East Village as friends say it's a pretty funky area to stroll in and spend the day. SO what shouldn't be missed? Looking for a great lunch and munchies. Food carts to not miss (or not try)? Russian, Ukranian, Italian, or other resonably priced? Where for cocktails? Been told LaPalapa has the best margarita's. How about ethnic markets? CHeese shop? Wine shop? Any neighborhood festivals happening the 30TH?

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  1. food at la palapa is good too - had the mole and cactus..very tasty. pommes frites is a fries shop with loads of different kids of sauces to eat your fries with.

    Frank is a great little italian place as is Supper...

    Veselka has some good pierogies and blintzes (open all night which is a plus)

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      i can second veselka...on 2nd ave and 9th or 10th street, i believe. great ukranian kind of diner, sorta? pierogies are YUMM and borscht, incredible.
      great place, cheap and delicious.

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        I would skip Veselka -- it's not so different from any other diner -- and go to Ukranian Family Restaurant instead. It's a much more interesting food experience and incredibly cheap to boot.

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          Do you mean the Ukranian East Village Restaurant in the Ukranian National Home building, or some other place?

    2. Supper is a great choice - one of my East Village faves. I also like Mermaid Inn for seafood, and I'd recommend Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches for cheap ethnic snackfood -- great on the go.

      For EV cocktails, I'm a dive bar guy myself. Grassroots Tavern and the even nastier Holiday Cocktail Lounge are both on St. Marks Place. Company bar is also a nice neighborhood spot for drinks, and Boxcar Lounge on Ave B has a great garden for daytime boozing.

      1. I'm inclined to suggest Mercadito over La Palapa. Its food and margaritas are better, IMHO...

        Mercadito's on Ave. B. near 10th st...

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          I love Mercadito! Great choice as an alternative to La Palapa, who I think wins the popularity contest but certainly not dominant amongst the rest of the competiton.

        2. Vending style snack
          -Bamn! on St. marks. An interesting sight to behold. Insert coins and get your food. Its been generating alot of press. They also sell fries behind the counter featuring 40 different sauces made with fresh ingredients.

          Japanese market
          -Sunrise mart: 4 Stuyvesant Street, Second floor, (Between 9th Street and Third Avenue).
          -Jasmart: 35 E. St. Marks Place

          Cheese shop
          -East village cheese:40 Third Ave. (between Ninth and 10th Sts.) Always jam packed, this store sell perfectly fine cheeses at rock bottom prices because the expiration dates are coming to a near. Funny if you think about it since cheese is aged anyways.

          I didnt see you mention Japanese but along st. marks there are some places that serves street style skewers and fried tapas style snacks that goes well with beer and sake. I believe they open at 5Pm.

          1. Two Boots on Ave A is worth a shot for Pizza. Not, I repeat NOT, the typical New York pie ( go to Lombardi's for that) but Two Boots is a little different and pretty good.