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Sep 20, 2006 03:25 PM

How is Da Nico in Little Italy?

Blah Blah, I know all the restaurants in Little Italy are crappy, etc etc. but I have heard good things about Da Nico.

Any thoughts?

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  1. I took my parents here a few months ago - my Dad wanted to go to Little Italy for his birthday. I got the gnocchi which was good, if a little salty. I believe both my Dad and bf got the lasagna which they really enjoyed. Everyone was happy with the experience so what more could you ask for?

    1. It's my go-to place for taking out-of-towners out in Little Italy, but only in the summers because they have a nice garden in the back. Food is slightly better than what you would expect given the location, but I would avoid the pizzas. I always try to encourage my visitors to go for lunch instead of dinner..

      1. If I have friends or relatives from out of town that insist on eating in Little Italy for the experience, I will usually take them to Da Nico. Their zitti quatro formaggi is actually pretty good and their pizzas are also pretty good. I would much rather walk a few blocks to Peasant or Bianca but Da Nico is probably the best of a pretty lackluster group.

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          I agree with all of the above. If you have to go to Little Italy, and you don't want to do pizza at Lombardi's or a splurge at Il Cortile, it may be your best bet.

          The pizzas at Da Nico areOK, but Lombardi's is much better for pizza.

        2. Yes, if in LI we come here for lunch. Actually, intead of eating street vendor food for lunch during the San Gen Fest..we eat here and bring our sausage and peppers from the street home for dinner.