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Sep 20, 2006 03:09 PM

Good Restaurants in White Plains and Environs

Any suggestions for good restaurants in the White Plains area that are not chains? I've been to the Bengal Tiger, which I enjoyed, but I'm curious what others would recommend.

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  1. Aberdeen, a Hong Kong style seafood restaurant. One of the best Chinese in Westchester.

    There's a fantastic Japanese place on Mamaroneck ave right near Bloomindale Ave.

    There are tons of great Latin places to eat in WP. They may not look fancy but the food can be great.

    For Peruvian, especially the ceviche pescado, I really like El Miski, it's in an old small retro diner on West Post road.

    Veracruz just a few doors up is very good Mexican, but in a cafeteria style setting.

    By the way... if you do a search on this board for white plains you will get tons of info, like 398 threads.

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      Tango Grill (Argentine/Italian) is excellent, but a little pricey. It's on E. Post Rd. just West of Mamaroneck Ave. A couple of doors down is Latin-American Cafe, which I haven't tried but everybody raves about.

      Sunset Grill is good Mexican in a nice atmosphere. It's on Gedney Way, one block West of Mamaroneck.

      BEWARE of Trotter's, which is rated about 10 points too high on Zagat's (problem w/ low sample sizes in the 'burb guides) and is stratosphericly overpriced for what is essentially a gastropub without the gastro.

      1. re: petezee

        tango grill is completely overpriced and overrated. More Italian then argentine (the owner i believe is italian). Sure, the meats are good, but at that price how could they not be. i really do not understand why everyone loves this place???!!!

    2. Very overpriced. Good food, but not worth the money in my opinion.

      Then again, I don't think Blue Stone or Mo's (no, I haven't been to either) should be charging their prices either, since raw food is not that expensive. But what do I know.

      I ask the question again, what makes these places worth this money? I can buy an AWFUL lot of meat for $88.

      1. In Mamaroneck there is a wonderful Turkish Restaurant (Meze, on Mt. Pleasant--just up from the train station towards Palmer Ave.)

        1. I second Aberdeen. If you get the right dishes, you can have one of the best Cantonese/HK style meals ever. Everything is flavorful without relying on overly sweet/salty flavors. Awesome. I recommend the crispy chicken, the clams in black bean sauce, the sauteed seasonal greens, and anything with seafood. Even better than most places in Chinatown IMO. They are ultra friendly service wise too.

          If you like Korean, there are 2 decent places, Kang Suh on Central Park Avenue in Yonkers (a more full-service, higher-end joint), and Kalbi House also on Central Park Ave in White Plains (smaller, homestyle joint). Both are good for Korean food IMO (and I'm Korean-American). Stay away from the sushi though.

          1. The squab in lettuce leaves was heavenly at Aberdeen. The Asian gentleman I was with told me I was eating pigeon, but I couldn't care less, it was just delicious.

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            1. re: dolores

              The Asian gentleman was right, but I agree fully with the assessments of Aberdeen. Thank goodness I've found it: now I can put my thoughts of moving to Flushing out of my mind.

              I also concur with the positive notes on Tango Grill. The rollatine and skirt steak were both outstanding, although I have to say that everything we sampled on the menu seemed to cost abut 25% more than you would think it should cost. Still, delicious food in a reltaively cogenial setting (at least based on my one visit).