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Sep 20, 2006 02:39 PM

Does Any Shop Sell Cream of Rice or Wheat Cereal?

I'm tiring of all hot cereal being made from oats. I'm getting old - can't always eat oatmeal as I have a G.I. problem. It sounds silly but I'm craving good old, Uncle Ben's Cream of Wheat.

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  1. Cream of Wheat is just semolina, so if you can find that, you can make cereal.

    1. Thanks. We've tried to find it but so far all I see is the semolina in cans! I need to do more exploring.

      1. The corner shop near us (Queen's Park) carries it. I think they may have got it on a one off, but my flatmate loves it and buys a box a week, so he makes sure he keeps it in stock now. That may be your best bet, to go to your nearest local grocer or corner shop and ask them to order it/stock it for you. Also, we've had it at a couple of breakfast places in London as well (as a subsitute for porridge)....

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          Thanks, Emmie! I'm supposed to be skipping oats so porridge is out right now. I think there's also a place in Covent Garden that carries it, but the price is ridiculous.

        2. have you tried health food stores? they won't have the uncle ben's brand, but you can probably find farina.

          1. Thanks wleatherette... did try Holland & Barrett locally but they had nothing at all. I'm fairly happy with my rice and semolina although it's not quite like what I'm used to.