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Sep 20, 2006 02:29 PM

O Fado in 2006 or other Portuguese suggestions

I was reading through the posts and O Fado in Peabody was highly recommended, but now may be a greek restaurant. Does anyone know if O Fado still serves good Portuguese food. Is it worth the trip?

Any other suggestions for good Portuguese food. I'm coing to Beverly/Lynn area for a weekend in October.

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  1. Don't know that restaurant, but if you can zip down to Cambridge...Atasca in Kendall Sq has fantastic authentic Portuguese food! They have won 'Best Of Boston' from Boston Magazine for many years in a row. They also have a great cafe in Inmann sq called O'Cantinho with alot of the same items but in lunch portions! ....not to mention the desserts!

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      O Cantinho is full service now, not just a cafe. This happened about the same time the old Broadway location for Atasca closed (in favor of the new Hampshire location).

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        Excellent food at Atasca; haven't been to O Cantiho but just moved to Somerville, looking forward to it!

      2. I was there last Spring and wasn't very pleased with my meal. It was lunch however so perhaps dinner is better? I used to go there years ago when it was great and less frequently as it continued to slide downhill. I know that it is under new ownership which is why I went back in the spring.

        1. If you're heading to Cambridge for Portuguese, do a search on "lusophone" and you'll find a recent thread on the topic.

          1. If you don't want to head down into Cambridge (and deal with the parking), PortoBello in Wakefield is a good option


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              Love Portobello. We usually go during the week. The pace is slow, and no crowds on a Tuesday or Wednesday. I usually give myself over to the chef, and have never been disappointed. Plus, they are always happy to tailor a dish to suit your taste, if there are any picky eaters in the group.

            2. O'Fado closed about a year ago. It's successor, Acropolis, which offered both Greek and Portugeuse cuisine, has, based on several recent attempts to dine there, also closed.