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Sep 20, 2006 02:24 PM

Brooklyn's San Gennaro?

Am I dreaming or is there an Italian festival similar to San Gennaro (but for another patron saint) that goes on in Brooklyn, Williamsburg perhaps? I ask on Chowhound because I'm interested in the street fair food possibilities that such an event would garner of course.

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  1. There is one on 18th Avenue in Bensonhurst, but I think it was over the summer. I also thought Our Lady of Mt Carmel was in Williamsburg or Greenpoint, but I think that one also was over the summer.

    1. Here's one that was Labor Day, not sure if street food is involved. The one I thought of was the Giglio feast where they pin money on the statues, it's in July I think, I'd like to check that one out someday.

      1. This is the one you're probably thinking about in Williamburg.
        There's a small menu for the website hidden at the top of the home page.

        There was a bit of talk about it and the food options on Chowhound back in July.

        There were a few other posts about it on Outer Burroughs at that time also. Worth a visit next year if you have never been.

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          that's the one i was thinking of too. great zeppole!

        2. Oue Lady of Mt Carmel/St. Paulinus feast is the one in Williamsburg. The website gives the dates in 2007 but it's always the weekend after July Fourth and the one after that. If you go for the food you must be crazy. Other than big bellied chooches I never see Italians eating that garbage. OLMC is worth it for the spectacle. You can't explain it - you just have to see them lift the Giglio to know what it's about. If you have access to the Complete New Yorker look up Giglio - they did a nice piece on it back in the 1990's.

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            The other big "festa" is Santa Rosalia in Bensonhurst. I think it's usually in September but, unfortunately, it's hard to get information! The Santa Rosalia Society on 18th Avenue does not have a phone number listed, and they don't seem to advertise the festa much. (Or am I just missing something?) I usually find out after the fact that I've just missed it, and then vow to remember the next year. Does anyone know when it was/is this year? The street fair food itself is probably standard, but it would be a good excuse to visit the food shops (e.g, Villabate bakery), and maybe swing by L & B Spumoni.

            1. re: parkslopemama

              I know this year it ended on Sunday SEP 3. I believe it always starts on a Thursday and ends on a Sunday so that they get 2 weekends in. This year it probably started Aug 24. Keep an eye out for next year.