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Sep 20, 2006 01:50 PM

Contact Prunefeet if you have any interest in a chow social


I posted a message the other day wondering if anyone was interested in having a chowhound social. It was removed, as we are no longer allowed to organize events on the boards. Ok! I'm sure there are plenty of reasons. I have set up a myspace page where I can be contacted about this. If you have any interest, please contact me at . TIA!

  1. 1) "no longer allowed to organize events on the boards" I don't think that was ever allowed.

    2) Your link isn't working because of the period at the end of your sentence. (Put a space between prunefeet and . and you should be good to go.)

    1. Thanks - fixed it. However, if you do a search on socials, there are plenty of old posts about old socials, where it will be, who is bringing it must have been allowed at some point. I'm not arguing about whether or not it should be, like I said, I imagine they have their reasons.

      1. Prunefeet, as we explained in the thread (which wasn't removed, it's at ) we don't allow Chowhound to be used for logistics and RSVP planning, but once you've got more details for the event planned, you can post an announcement / invitation and give an address where people can contact you for details.

        When chowhound was a smaller site, we did allow such posts but found that they ended up getting quite chatty and didn't provide any long term value to the board once the event was past.

        We are locking this thread to keep this board focused on its mission to help people find great chow in the Outer Boroughs.