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Sep 20, 2006 01:48 PM

Bath - Wiscasset and Thereabouts

Coming to visit family in Five Islands and parents think Taste of Maine is good please please oh please hounds save me from that! Have weaseled out of dinner tomorrow night so El Spouse and I can get dinner on our own. No, really, family visits are a good thing, it’s just the prospect of bad food that’s making my head explode. I don’t normally eat in restaurants there – can anyone recommend something around Bath or Wiscasset? It can be plain, it can be fancy, just please make it good. Thank you!

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  1. Solo Bistro on Front St. in Bath is really good. People are going to recommned Robinhood Meeting House - which is near Five Islands - but for better food and a more interesting atmosphere I would stick to Solo Bistro.

    1. We will try to save you from Taste of Maine.

      Yes, I would recommend Robinhood Meeting House in Georgetown (not Five Islands). Food is excellent, large menu of fine ingredients (both fish, seafood, and meat dishes) although I agree w/ cmoore's comment above that the atmosphere is lacking. (I have not been to Solo Bistro so can't compare).

      For more traditional Maine fare there is Kennebec Tavern in Bath with seating in a casual bar area and a more formal dining room, both w/ views of the river.

      In Woolwich (Rte One just before you cross into Wiscasset) there is Montsweag Roadhouse. Excellent steaks and other meat specialties plus traditional lobster offerings.

      Across the bridge from Wiscasset in Edgecomb is Ocean Grill. Varied menu, nice views of Sheepscot River in warm atmosphere. Service can be relaxed/slow though.


      1. Boothbay isn't a bad drive from Wiscasset, I've heard some recent compliments-to-the-new-chef at Ocean Point Inn near Boothbay. The setting looks lovely, and the menu looks a little pricey, it's online at

        1. Just returned a few weeks ago from a vacation in this area.

          Wiscasset - the Sea Basket (on Rt 1 about 1 1/2 miles south of downtown) for amazing fried seafood/chowder. The sweet potato fries are to die for.
          Bath - Chase's Daily. We are vegetarians and this was one of the best meals/atmospheres we've had at a vegetarian establishment in years.

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            Actually, Chase's Daily is in Belfast, much farther up the coast (and yes it is excellent).

          2. Yes, yes, of course, you're right! Got my "B"s mixed up! But in Bath, we had a terrific breakfast at Mae's Cafe.