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Sep 20, 2006 01:33 PM

Where is the Bar Food in Atlanta

We will be in Atlanta mid NOvember and are especially partial to finding good bar food when we travel -- we are staying downtown, but can ride the MARTA. What do you think bar food is in the South? That is also of interest. Thanks

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  1. The Vortex, which has locations in Midtown and in Little Five Points, is a great bar/restaurant with really tasty burgers and fries.

    If you're looking for something a little more upscale, try Krog Bar (Inman Park) which has tapas-style small plates that you can enjoy at the bar. And ever since I had my birthday dinner at Rathbun's (same owner as Krog Bar) I've been dying to go back late one night just for their incredible dessert tasting menu and a glass of sparkling wine or sherry.

    1. If you're thinking of it more in terms of pub grub as opposed to something fancy, there's a good list of place for burgers, fries, and the like. The Righteous Room, The Earl, The Flatiron, The Brick Store, 6 Feet Under (seafood), El Myr (burritos/quesadillas), and The Local (Q) all jump to mind. Euclid Ave Yacht Club, too, maybe, but I don't ever seem to get there to have an opinion on the food.

      For fancier, Halo used to have small plates and things like the now-well-past-the-bubble smore kit. Or Woodfire Grill, though our one Sun PM experience was embarassing (for them). Noticed that Paul's in Peachtree Hills, like Woodfire, has a Sun 1/2-price wine special also. And I noticed that b/c we had just eaten at The Treehouse, which is a step up from the places above (but not as fancy as Halo or Woodfire) in terms of food. Nice patio for our generally-early dinners w/ the Chowpup.

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        Brickstore is a great suggestion, if the original poster doesn't mind the trip to Decatur-- they have an impressive beer selection, and the best "bar food" to order is the soft pretzels with mustard.

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          And Ale Chicken Fingers dipped in ale batter with whole-grain spicy mustard. Man they are good.
          Their burgers are also very good, and don't get much press with places like the Vortex, etc.

      2. Bar food to me: basic salads, burgers, chicken sandwiches, fried items (cheese sticks, chicken fingers, wings)that were previously frozen, bag-o-chips on the side.

        Definitely visit:
        The Earl or The Flatiron in East Atlanta
        Brickstore in Decatur (pub food)
        Righteous Room near the Highlands

        Decatur is the only location accessible by Marta rail. East Atlanta & the Highlands would be a short cab ride.

        Oh, and I also agree about the Treehouse in Buckhead. Excellent bar food and if the weather is nice, cozy patio. Could take Marta to Lindbergh station then really short cab ride to the restaurant.

        All of these are also very "neighborhoody", local hangouts. If that makes a difference.

        1. You can't beat the Q - pulled pork, brisket, dry rub ribs at Smiths Olde Bar. Unfortunately served only on Wed., Sat. - Sun. - I think, its been too long.