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Sep 20, 2006 01:32 PM

Dinner for 80

I am organizing a conference that will be held in Glendale. I need a restaurant for dinner for about 80 people. A lot of the people in the group are not big spenders, shall we say, so moderate price is needed. Last time we had the conference we had dinner at Vitelo's, which is pretty much what we needed.

If anyone can come up with a restaurant that has a large, rentable back room, I would appreciate it.

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  1. I am not sure if they have a back room, but I went to a surprise birthday party at La Fontana and they gave us a whole section. The food was good (I loved the fettuccini with clams) as was the service.

    La Fontana - Italian
    933 North Brand Blvd.
    Glendale, CA
    (818) 247-6256

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    1. This is chain-ish, but I know of many folks that do large groups at Maggiano's as they have private rooms that can accommodate various group sizes and the cost pp is reasonable with tons of food. There's one at the Farmer's Market in LA...not sure if that's too far for you from Glendale.