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Sep 20, 2006 01:20 PM

Macau - Need recommendations for 2 great meals

Will be visiting Macau in November. Apart from 'Robouchon' in the Hotel Lisboa (mentioned in Wine Spectator), are there any eating establishments with great food that are a MUST TRY?! - Any cuisine. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Dunno about Robouchon-y places, but you can get some great seafood in Coloane Village (chili crab!) and there's a very good and stupendously large dim sum place in the Largo del Senado area. Don't recall the name, but it's a second floor level place that a pedestrian bridge takes you right through. Some good looking dessert patrols the hallways of the Casino Lisboa, too.

    1. You must go to Fernando's. People go there from all over the world. Nothing fancy, but wonderful. Walk through the well lit front part of the restaurant and go to the back. You might want to have a drink at the outside bar first. Be sure and have the Garlic Shrimp as one of your dishes. It is about 15 minutes by cab to another island. Fortunately cab fare is cheap. There are always cabs waiting in front to take you home after dinner. I don't think you can book, but you might check.

      The other restaurant we liked is Portugese and is called A Lorcha. Excellent food. I believe you can make a booking.

      Have a lovely time!

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        Just a warning Fernando's is a little far if you are staying around the boat area to Hong Kong.

      2. The two restaurants I mentioned above are not fancy if that is what you are looking for.

        They serve delicious food and are great for Hounds.

        1. Here's a second for A Lorcha. My wife and I enjoyed a terrific lunch there, helped along by a friendly waiter. The resaurant is in a wonderful neighborhood for walking, too. (All Macau is good for walking.)

          1. Gary, Love your comment regarding the 'Lisboa dessert'. Totally agree!