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Sep 20, 2006 01:03 PM

Steaks in Columbus OH or vicinity

Going in 2 weeks to visit son at college near Columbus and he wants to go out for steaks while we are there (claims to have a protein deficiency from the cafeteria - ha).

So, I'm looking for suggestions for northern Columbus, maybe Easton Center mall, or Newark OH (he's actually in Granville). Last year we went to L'Antibes and it was great, but now we're looking for something different.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I really like the Hyde Park Grille on Old Henderson. They also have a place at the Crosswoods in Worthington, but I haven't been to that location. I think the service, food, and atmosphere are wonderful (

    Also, Mitchell's Steakhouse at 23 at the crosswoods in Worthington is very good. I don't like most Mitchell places, but the steaks there are great and it is really pretty ( I don't think you would go wrong with either place.

    1. The Top is one of the best steaks in Columbus. It has been there forever and is the real thing. It is an experience of stepping back in time, with no pretension. The steaks are the reason they exist. They do what they do very well, and have not had to try to update the decor to something trendy.
      2981 E. Main St. Columbus

      1. The Clarmont, on S. High St. in German Village. A real throwback to a bygone era of steak houses. Very fun!

        1. I'm just getting organized with this and I've printed out menus and directions for all the suggestions here. Thanks!

          LAUREN: Is the Mitchell's you mention the same as the "new" Mitchell's Ocean CLub in Easton Center? That would be a little closer for us. THANKS!

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            The Mitchell's I mentioned was the Mitchell's Steakhouse at 23 at the Crosswoods, Worthington area. The "new" Ocean Club at Easton got a good review in the Columbus Dispatch Weekender today, though:

            There is also another steakhouse at Easton, a chain one called Smith and Wollensky, but it got so-so reviews. I haven't tried it.

          2. Though it is a chain, I suggest Smith and Wollennsky at Easton. I am not a chain patron and I as a rule don't go out for steaks as I feel I can usually make my own better at home. Both of those being said, it is nice to go out for steak to a place where you know you will have a piece of meat that's at least as good if not better than what you can do at home and S&W has done well by me. My hubby and I went there through a flukey series of events a few months ago. Since I'm not a chain diner, I have never had an interest in S&W but that's wheere we wound up that day. There meat is dry aged (except for the filet) and is fabulous. The wine list is fab as well and not as insultingly high as at some chain places.