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Scooters in Plainville, CT

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Has anyone tried Scooters (I think that's the name)in Plainville with burgers "as big as your head" yet? We're huge fans of the nearby Saint's in Southington (for their divine chili cheese dogs) but I got a postcard from Scooters and it sounds pretty good (burgers and dogs).

If anyone's been there...post something up to whet my appetite (or not!).
I love chowhound and chowhounders...you're good people!

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  1. My friend Juan and his girlfriend tried it. They have 1, 2, 3 or 4 lb burgers. They said it was excellent. Picnic tables outside also.He said it sure beats BK.

    1. Many thanks for the info!!
      I'll write some details when I go there myself.

      1. We like their burgers - they're supposedly made fresh (not from frozen meat/patties). The place is always packed no matter what time I've been there.

        1. Scooters makes the BEST burgers you could have. I can't even order one anywhere else now because nothing compares to Scooters. We tried 5 Guys Burgers and Fries just down the road on 177 and it didn't compare at all!
          Now Scooters serves breakfast also and they are the best we have had in the area.