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Sep 20, 2006 11:44 AM

Serafina - Concord

Has anyone tried Serafina in Concord? Considering it for Fri night. Thanks.

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  1. I live in concord and about 1/2 mi away from Serafina. It's a nice choice for dinner in the area - esp b/c there are no real choices!! I really like their Fritto Misto and their beet and orange salad with seared shrimp and scallops. The black bottom creme brulee is also nice.

    It's solid ans decent and you won't leave hungry. :) have fun!

    1. I've been disappointed 2 out of 3 times there. I vividly remember a really soupy creme brulee. On my last visit, this summer, I had quite a good salmon sandwich in the bar area, with well cooked french fries.

      So, hit or miss at best I think.

      1. It is fine if you're already in Concord and have no other plans, and don't want to make dinner yourself. Otherwise, no.

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          If you don't want to make dinner yourself, eat in early or get excellent takeout from La Provence, across the street from the Depot parking lot. They have salads, main courses and pastries. They're only open until 7pm.

          They're also open for lunch, of course.

          1. re: peregrine

            La Provence is okay. Today I was in there trying to get a roasted chicken and there were two women working and two teenagers trying to get sandwiches. I waited for a few minutes and then walked out as I was not acknowledged and for whatever reason the two women behind the counter doted on the two teenagers and didn't give me the time of day. My suggestion would be to go to Concord Center and go to the Cheese Shop on Walden Street. They are attenative to their customers and hae fabulous everything - esp cheese! And they have a nice selection of wines. ENjoy :)

        2. what about aigo in the train station? moncef always did an exc job when i was there...? has it closed or something?

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          1. re: opinionatedchef

            It's closed, has been for several months.

            1. re: opinionatedchef

              I always thought Aigo was good too. Couldn't figure out why it tanked yet Serafina survives.

              1. re: sflory

                I always liked Aigo too. FYI it didn't "tank". THe owner got an offer to be a personal chef and took that opp. I miss the duck. :)

            2. Really just looking to try something new in the area. I thought maybe try it (Serafina), by sticking with the bar menu. My fear is that the dinner menu is overpriced for the quality/experience. It's comparable price-wise to Lumiere!Thoughts? Also, what about Walden Grille? Has anyone been there?