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Sep 20, 2006 11:44 AM

Looking for these brands of pasta: Rustico, Pagano, Carlo Lantini, Martelli

I'd appreciate if someone could tell me where in Manhattan I can obtain them.



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  1. Have you checked DiPalo?

    1. I know I used to get Martelli in Williams Sonoma.

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      1. re: esyle

        I think they stopped carrying Martelli and now carry Benedetto Cavalieri.

        You might want to check Buona Italia in the Chelsea Market, though they carry mostly their own plain label pasta. Also I remember Dean&Deluca and Balducci carry a couple of the labels you mention but don't call me on that.

        Also, FYI Trader Joe's carries a private label gourmet pasta that's very good and inexpensive. It's near the bottom shelf in brown packaging. Only a couple shapes (I think penne and linguine?) but good quality for the price (a couple dollars).