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Sep 20, 2006 11:38 AM

Rabat Recs?

I'm going to be in Rabat for a couple of weeks [other Morocco
plans uncertain to date]. Any recommendations in town?
Restaurants, food stands, bakeries, shops with prepared foods...
"it's all good" as they say.

Looking more for cheep places with local food ... but if there
is some local splurge place that is really exciting, a pointer
would be appreciated of course.

I am especially fond of kebabs, grilled meats, pastries,
interesting cold beverages [fruit juices etc, more than tea
and coffee] and other street food rather.

I hope to make it to Fez, M'kesh, so again any strong
recommendations there might just incline be to break my
previous record for "greatest distance traveled for a
good meal".

In other news, Arabic is really hard!


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  1. Unless you have a specific reason for coming to Rabat, I would spend more time in other cities -- Fez, Marrakesh, Casablanca. I live in Rabat, and it's more expensive and less interesting than these other towns. I'm not impressed with the CCCL language school either -- I know people who have done ALIF in Fez and much prefer it (if your reason for coming is language classes). There are some really good malwi places in the medina off of the Allal ben Abdellal entrance -- a square where a bunch of old women sit with malwi, crepes, etc. That area also has good juice shops and street food. Tajine wa tajina is on rud du Baghdad, by the train station, and has good moroccan food -- great couscous on fridays.