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Sep 20, 2006 08:38 AM

Need inspiration in London

Live here. Have been a round a good deal. Feeling a bit bored....anyone been out recently and really wowed? Price not an issue. All food types welcome. Please inspire me!!!! Cheers.

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  1. Have you tried Chez Liline an unpretentious yet excellent Mauritian fish restaurant in Stroud Green which is North London.

    I love the fresh fish (from their fish shop next door) and the seductive combination of African, French and Sub Continnt flavours. They have a small but excellent wine list too.

    1. How about Cilicia in Broadway Market? Remember having some succulent chicken there.


      1. Most wow for the pound in the last year is definitely Galvin's (Baker St - not the Hilton)... Otherwise I'm still inordinately fond of Latium in Berners St... undeservedly under-reviewed. The new-ish Dragon Castle, in the black hole that is the Elephant, is very definitely worth the trek for exceptional Chinese food. Try a Saturday night when you stand a chance of a birthday party or two being in the place :)

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          1. The sunday breakfast at Amoul (Formosa Street, W9) is a great little suprise - and its nice to have lebanese food for breakfast rather than dinner, something we dont get to do in london alot. Everything is sourced from the best suppliers, and the family who run it are a gem. Afterwards you could go for a walk around the canals...