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Sep 20, 2006 07:03 AM

Southern Italian in Germantown area?

Looking for an earthy but fabulous (red sauce kinda place) in Germantown or Chestnut Hill or anywhere in the NE Philly area.

Come to think of it, I could also use the names of a few good breakfast places in the same neighborhoods?

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  1. For breakfast, Roller's Express or Bruno's in Chestnut Hill. The closest I can come to what you describe for Italian is Scoogi in Flourtown.

    1. I always wonder how such mediocre places like Scoogi's stay in business. I can only guess it's because just about everything else in the surrounding area isn't much better. Anyway, go to From the Boot in Lafayette Hill instead. Much better than Scoogi's.

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        As someone who used to work in the Fort Washington area, I can assure you there is nothing else in the surrounding area that is good. Zakes is the only bright spot (but it is not italian). I second your statement about From the Boot. It's good an inexpensive.

        1. re: Den

          So glad you brought up From the Boot, as I went there last Friday night on a whim and had meant to post about how good it was. Both a friend and I got pasta--he had a pasta with calamari, shrimp, and mussels, while I had a pasta with a creamy pesto sauce. It was superb, cheap, and friendly. I've only lived in the Chestnut Hill area for a few months now, and overall haven't been incredibly impressed wtih the restaurants. However, From the Boot is worth the short drive down Germantown Avenue any day...I'll definitely be going back.

          Oddly enough, the only reason we went there was because my friend passed it in his car on his way home from work, and couldn't get over the amazing odors wafting out onto the road. Thanks!

        2. I forgot about From the Boot. Another advantage to FTB is it's byob. Try to get one of the limited seats in the back room. Front room is just a pizzeria. Re Scoogi, I never liked it much either. However, I went back after years away and the food is actually much better. Maybe they got a new chef.

          1. I agree wholeheartedly about "From the Boot". The pizza is actually quite good, and the pasta dishes rival similar style spots in S. Philly. I have also had good experiences at Sorrento's on Ridge Pike.

            I agree Rollers Express is best breakfast spot, and prices are reasonable. I have found Trolley Car diner to be expensive and quality spotty, though my kids love to walk around the corner and get ice cream during the summer.

            1. If you are willing to go as far as Ridge Pike, there are a couple of places in the Andorra/Roxborough area: Maria's Ristorante on Summit, 8100 Ridge Ave, Philadelphia, 19128 - (215) 508-5600 and Argento's Pizza & Spaghetti House, Andorra Shopping Ctr, (215) 483-5666.