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Sep 20, 2006 05:24 AM

Moving to Northridge ... need recommendations

Moving from Burbank to Northridge next week. I'm thinking that Northridge will be much better, food-wise. I have my favorites already in that area (Mandarin Deli, Woodlands, Madras Masala, Vegetable Delight) but it's been 12 years since I've lived there and I need fresh information! Is the very yummy Thai Gourmet still on Reseda at Parthenia? Aside from Brent's, where is everyone eating breakfast? What about pizza? Korean? Vietnamese? A good bowl of soup? Thanks in advance.

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  1. pizzasaurus rex (don't laugh) on lassen and white oak has quality pizza on the cheap.

    there's also a fairly new restaurant on reseda and praire called Emile's that has a huge menu serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. I haven't eaten there yet, but every time I pass by there's a good crowd inside.

    The only Korean food I know of in the area is Kings Mongolian BBQ house on Reseda and Plummer, but that's decent bet at best.

    Tasty food seems hard to come by in the ridge and picking out a consistent asian go-to spot is hit or miss. I do like Hot Wok Cafe next to Vons on Nordhoff and Reseda, though.

    1. try the food court in galleria market (southwest corner of reseda and devonshire). the stall in the far southern wall has good grilled beef and soup combos.

      1. also, shamshiri on the northwest corner of tampa and roscoe serves very good persian food.

        there is a new thai place (that also serves sushi haha) opening up near the northridge mall in the next few months. i heard a lot of staff from one of the ocha branches is going to work there. if the food is similar then it may be more authentic than other thai places in the area.

        i order teriyakiya a lot. balboa, near devonshire i think (across the street from staples/el pollo loco). mostly a take out place for teriyaki dishes.

        try hatano on the north side of parthenia, just west of tampa. they have good japanese noodles and other selections like katsu don, etc.

        there is another chowhound thread here about two banh mi places on sherman way, west of reseda blvd.

        also i eat at tapioca express on on nordhoff across the street from csun (x street lindley i think). they have a good fried pork chop and rice dish- the rice is not great, but the pork chops are good and they serve it with pickled vegetables and a boiled soy egg (authentic taiwan style).

        chains i frequent are chipotle (reseda blvd, north of nordhoff i think), l&l hawaiian bbq (northwest corner of reseda and devonshire), and in n out burger (in the wal mart shopping center, on rinaldi west of corbin).

        1. There is a fast food Greek place that I like---its on Reseda and has a bright yellow sign. I think its called Gyro King or Gyro Palace, something like that. Its near the college. Good stuff!

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          1. Ravanelli's Pizza on Reseda and Chase(?) (south of Parthenia) has really good pizza.
            Cupids Hot Dogs - a childhood institution for me on Parthenia just south of Nordhoff.
            Alessio's Italian on Reseda Bl just south of Lassen (or is that Plummer??).