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CAPRI in Venice

We tried this little N. Italian Place tonight and were pleasently surprised?
We walked in around 6:30p and no one was there, I mean deserted!
The menu was small(sometimes a good thing?) and most of the food looked just OK.
Once we ordered things changed for the better.
Pumpkin Ravioli (all pasta is made fresh,very nice)
Seared Wild Salmon (fantastic)
Papardelli with veal (amazing)
If your in the area this place is worth checking out it's simple and fresh. We definitely liked it better than Piccolo. Very simple Wine List, corkage 15-.
By the time we left the Restaurant was getting full and you could tell it's a neighborhood favorite.

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  1. Thanks for the review - I wonder about this place every time I drive by. Will have to stop in. Lusting after the pumpkin ravioli presently.

    1. Capri is very nice. It is somewhat famous in the LA art world -- one of its original backers was a now-legendary German painter (now deceased) named Martin Kippenberger. He came to LA from Cologne, and complained bitterly of his inability to find a good bowl of spaghetti bolognese in this town. (Capri still serves spaghetti bolognese.)

      One of his paintings also still hangs in the restaurant, I think. I was told that he had the space organized so that he could stand in a certain spot, by the painting at the front, and no one in the entire restaurant could "escape" without having to get by him, speak to him, etc.

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        Shouldn't it have been Spaghetti Colognese that Kippenberger wanted?

      2. I've lived in Venice for over ten years, never eaten there. I know of only one person whose actually dined at Capri and she gave it a scathing review. Passed a million times and have never seen more than 6 or 8 people at any given time. Love to hear differently.

        Rumor in the hood is that they will be closing in the near future. Unable to confirm.

        1. Well I hope it doesn't close. It is one of the places where...if the walls could talk. It would be a good thing.

          But LA is a different place now--you can get good spaghetti, bolognese or otherwise, even to the palate of the transgressive German uber-artist, many places.

          I still like Capri's spirit, the feel of the place.

          1. we like capri, but it can be inconsistent. we like the vibe nonetheless.

            1. You know, the place looks great from the outside -- it's cool and small and snug and you want it to be wonderful.
              But it isn't. It's awful. The pumpkin ravioli is tired and soggy. The lamb is overcooked and off-tasting. The wine list is ridiculously overpriced. I hate to say this, because Capri is within walking distance to my house and I'd love to be able to walk over for a nice dinner and a glass of wine, but it's arguably the worst restaurant in Los Angeles -- no one seems to care about what's on the plate, the quality of the ingredients, or the flavors of the food. Awful, awful, awful. And I've walked by it in the morning and seen uncleared dirty dishes STILL on the tables from the night before. Look, if they care so little about the tidiness of the place, how much could they care about the food?

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                The worst salmon I've ever had...was at Capri. I went once, and thought the food was miserable...and my standards are not nearly as high as most of y'all on the board!

              2. I don't doubt the original poster, but I have to concur with those who have not had good meals here. Just not good in any way.

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                  I agree. Years ago we really wanted to like Capri because we also live in the neighborhood. The food was average at best and the service was horrible. Maybe they have really turned it around for the better. Russkar's opinion is respected on this board and we have to believe his report regardless of all of our previous experiences. Has anyone else eaten there recently, our last meal there was many years ago.

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                    We have only been to Capri ONCE! I described the experience as accurately as possible. I'm sure there's better food available in the vicinity, but on the night we were there we had a pretty decent meal.