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Sep 20, 2006 04:37 AM

New hip hot spots in Los Angeles

Going to be in town for a couple days on business, can anyone suggest the newest hippest must go hot spots in Los Angeles. Looking for good food and happening bar scence. Thank You

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  1. katsuya in brentwood seems like that kind of place, bar scene, scenesters, good sushi.

    1. Good food and happening bar scene don't easily coexist.

      See and be seen bars at Koi, Geisha House, Mastro's in BH, Nic's Martini Lounge in BH, Boe at the Crescent, blue on blue at the Avalon, Whist at the Viceroy, White Lotus, Avalon, Cinespace, The Standard in downtown, and bars at hotels Four Seasons in BH and Belvedere. I have been able to get pretty good food at blue on blue, Boe, Whist, and Mastro's.

      1. Well, it depends...

        The coolest place right now is Chateau Marmont. It's not new, though. Last year or so, everyone's just going. Kinda like dinner at CM, then off to Hyde down the street. Might be easier now to get a table, now that the summer is over. Hyde is just a bar, featuring table service. But, that's THE hardest bar to get into. If you don't have a table at Hyde, you're standing around. But, Leo DiCaprio and Ed Norton stand around too. If you're 30 ish, and you are willing to drop some serious, serious coin, then do the Chateau/Hyde combo.

        Koi is a real hot spot, still. But it's not a bar. More of a lounge, I suppose. And, the lounge is an area with sofas and coffee tables where people are actually eating dinner. I would say Koi is the ultimate cool-LA experience, except for a weekend night. And, the food is actually pretty good. Not the best sushi, but pretty good.

        Le Deux in Hollywood is also a hip bar/restaurant. The Entourage wrap party was held at Le Deux. Le Deux's crowd is trashier than Koi, and draws more of your 20s crowd. But, these people are the real deal, whereas Koi gets a lot of out-of-towners. Paris Hilton hosts an evening there, which gives you all the reason not to go.

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          Is one able to make dinner reservations at CM if not a hotel guest? I've never been before (the rep makes it somewhat intimidating). Thanks!

        2. Koi
          Chateau Marmont
          Citizen Smith
          Le Deux
          Il Sole is always popular with the celebs, though it isn't necessarily hipster

          1. Koi, Geisha House, the Republic & the Standard are pretty good places for a mix of decent scene and decent food.

            I'd avoid White Lotus & Social Hollywood.