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Sep 20, 2006 03:58 AM

Local farm for meat/lard

This is actually a shout-out to cheryl_h who posted on General Topics about buying leaf lard from a local farmer (for cheap!), but I thought I'd make the query a little more general-purpose. Cheryl, can you say what farm it is, and do they sell to the general public? I'd love to have a good place to buy local pork.

More generally, what local farms do people like for meat? I get beef from River Rock Farms at their farmer's market stands and like it a lot, but I'd love to hear about other places, especially for pork. Specifically, do they have fresh cuts available, how is their butchering, do they have minimum orders, do they age their beef?. And, of course, how is the overall quality of the meat? Which farms are people's favorites?

Many thanks in advance!

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  1. Give Blood (family name) Farm a call.

    Don't know if they have what you are looking for, nor do I find a website. However, do a search and you'll find some info on what they have to offer.

    Blood Farm
    94 W Main Street (Rte 225)
    Groton MA

    A bit of a drive depending on where you are. However, it is apple picking time, and plenty in the area.

    If you have kids you could incorporate a Davis Farm corn maze, apple picking, Blood Farm fun day.

    1. Yes, it's Blood Farm. They don't have a website but you can call and ask questions. We have gotten whole hogs from them, butchered to our specifications. They do special orders too. I asked for leaf lard and a big order of short ribs and they're providing both.

      We're very happy with their meats. We've gotten lamb and pork regularly.

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      1. re: cheryl_h

        The greatest ham I've ever had has consistently come from them.

        1. re: KitchenAid

          Yes! Wonderful ham. Another place to try is Balance Rock Farm,
          104 Highland Street, Berlin MA. 978-838-2024 9am to 7pm Daily
          from the web:
          "We sell all natural, farm-raised beef, pork, veal, chicken, eggs, glass bottled milk, livestock feeds, hay, shavings, mulch, loam, compost, and manure."
          We've had their eggs, which are wonderful. They sell at the Maynard Farmers Market on Saturday mornings, which may be slightly more convenient than Berlin.

      2. I'd buy from them based on the name alone!

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        1. re: Bostonbob3

          The name sticks in your mind doesn't it? The family has been in Groton for a long time and there are several generations of butchers. I find it a little unusual that most of the workers in the butcher are women. I don't know if they're family members or not.

        2. Moon In the Pond Farm.

          It's a major hike, way out in the Berkshires but they do have a website that is well worth checking out ( Their meat is fantastic.

          As far as lard is concerned, the only bargain that I have found at Savenor's to date is lard that you can get on special order. It costs about a buck a quart. I buy ten pounds at a time. In fact, this being the season, I may call them today to see if I can talk them into ordering another fifty pound can. If you're still interested and can't find a handy source, try them a little later in the week. Beyond that, it can be really tough to come by in Boston. I called in to the Butcher Shop one time and they didn't even know where proper lard came from. They tried to sell me beef suet.

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          1. re: Ernie Diamond

            I was wondering about this myself recently, there's nowhere in Boston where I can buy "manteca?" I'm used to seeing it in a regular market (in a blue paper box) but haven't seen it once since moving back here a year ago.

            1. re: steinpilz

              Try the hispanic markets in East Cambridge and Somerville. They usually carry it.

              1. re: BobB

                You can find it with a little luck but in a city like Boston, where it's equally hard to find lard of ANY quality, I would suggest a little sweat to get the good stuff.

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