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Sep 20, 2006 03:51 AM

bakeries in williamsburg?

i just moved out here and it seems like i can't find any decent bakeries besides the sort of shady looking place on the corner of grand and bedford. any suggestions? i'm specfically looking for a place with good bread and pastries, nothing too fancy...

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  1. You can get some good bread at Napoli Bakery on Metropolitan. It's a few blocks west of Graham on the south side of the street.

    And you can buy bread (I think) and pies (I know) from Pies & Thighs under the Wmsburg Bridge.

    I've heard good things about Cheeks bakery on Metropolitan near Havemeyer (south side of the street)--it's more like the kind of bakery you might find in the Village--but I wasn't too excited about what I had the one time I went. (Granted, it was toward the end of the day)

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      Went to Cheeks last week. The cupcakes were good, the cakes looked tasty, but I was on a cupcake search. While I loved what I got, the selection was limited. It was the day after V-Day - maybe they were just picked over? I don't recall seeing that they do bread, but I could be wrong.

    2. there's a polish bakery on N. 8th (i believe - poss north 9th) btwn bedford and berry. The best baguette in the burg can be purchased from the bedford cheese shop in the mini-mall on n 5th and bedford (soon to move a block further south on bedford) -- ask for the napoli baguette. decent pastries can also be purchased as most of the coffeshops along bedford, with the widest variety found at fabians (n 5th & bedford). marlowe & sons (broadway & berry) also has decent options.

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        Old Poland Foods, the place on N.8th between Bedford and Berry, has variety of good looking breads. We like their version of challah. Not great, but quite good. They bake in quantity and supply stores and other bakeries around New York. They do a very swift counter business though.

      2. w'burg kind of sucks for good bakeries -- I have yet to understand why someone doesn't swoop in and open a fabulous bakery. but...there is settepani on lorimer, which I understand is not bad. here's the website:

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          You need to try Napoli on Metro if you think Settepani is good. There prosciutto and lard bread are out of this world. So is there large round (Pane di casa) They make there own Foccacia which can be eaten as is or you can doctor it with cheese herb etc. Its a real deal old School Italian bread bakery that bakes in a coal fired brick oven. I'm not sure Sette even has coal as they opened reletively recently

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            My Word!!! This is what happens when you're in a hurry and post without proofing your spelling. Forget the relatively, I promise I know the difference in there and their. LOL!!!!

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              I also really liked Napoli (past tense because I'm no longer in the hood) but it's just a bread bakery while Settepani has more variety. But for the wider variety at a better price, I prefer Fortunatos.

              Even Napoli's "regular" bread (small rounds with the sesame seeds) was excellent. I'd also had a great lard bread from somewhere on graham, near the corner of Metropolitan, don't remember the name. But I used to LIVE on Napoli's focaccia...$1.50 and with some melted cheese could make 2 decently filling meals.

        2. the shady looking place at the corner of grand & Bedford is La Villita a decent carrib-mex bakery. Try the conchas, the pan de zanhoria, the egg & cheese...a dominican bakery on broadwy & marcy has decent guayaba sweets & empanadas...

          Fabiane's down the street has amazing sweets & good croissants. Hope & Union has great baked goods no bread (get there early)

          Many of the Italian bakeries have closed in the last few years, but I 2nd the place on Metropolitan.

          For the best bakeries, Hop on your bike and roll down bedford to greenpoint for many knock your socks off polish bakeries. There are a couple of bakeries in this part of the neighborhood- so many stores sell really fresh polish breads including some killer sunflower seed health breads, ryes, sourdoughs, and Babkas!

          1. I second the idea of traveling a few blocks next door to greenpoint. There are practically bakeries on every block.

            Wouldn't it be nice if we have some good italian bakeries ala court street? What I wouldn't do for some amazing olive bread in wburg/gpt.