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New York Report

carolinadawg Sep 20, 2006 03:12 AM

Thanks to all the great tips from this board, I've enjoyed some great meals in NYC the past few days. Here's my impressions:

1. Had lunch yesterday at Margon (46th Street). The cuban sandwich was fantastic. Also had the fried plantains that were also wonderful. Very friendly service, too. Some guys behind me in line ordered off menu...a chicken sandwich (made by shredding baked chicken that was a featured item that day), with american cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo and hot sauce. It looked really good!

2. Hallo Berlin (10th Ave between 44th and 45th. I was the only person there (at 12:30 PM!). Excellent food...had a plate with 2 sausages of my choice, german potatoes (think home fires, fresh and hot), pickled cabbage and saurkraut. Alos served with a hot mustard and a regular mustard. Great deal for $9!

3. Dinner at Cafe Fuego on St. Marks Place between 2nd Ave and 3rd Ave. in the East Village. (Just down the street from Bamn!) This is a new cuban restaurant, opened just 3 weeks ago. Great ambiance...exposed brick walls, wooden floors, dark wood bar. Small outdoor dining area. Had a roast pork plate with rice and beans. The pork was shredded, very moist and flavorful with some nice "crust" on some pieces. The rice and beans had excellent tatse (maybe made with beef or chicken stock?), just a little too dry for my taste. Also had a very nice green salad and 2 glasses of wine for $30...very reasonable!

4. Dinner tonight at Col Legno...what a gem! I love this place. Had the pappardelle with cinghale...incredibly light pasta, with a wonderful, spicy sauce...just excellent. The house wine is only $6 a glass and is very nice. Wonderful homemade tasting italian bread, too. What a great value.

5. I just had to try Bamn!, since I was in the neighborhood...its really good, for what it is. Despite what I have read on here, I thought the mac and cheese kroket was wonderful! Nice crunchy exterior... moist, chessy inside. The pork bun was good...more bun than pork, but hey, its only $2! I was little disappointed with the doughnuts, but I guess Krispy Kreme has spoiled me completely!

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    Dave Feldman Sep 20, 2006 05:55 AM

    Thanks for the report, and glad you went off the beaten path in many cases.

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      Pan Sep 20, 2006 05:59 AM

      I'm glad you liked Col Legno, a neighborhood favorite of mine for many years now. I haven't tried Cafe Fuego yet. I will look at their menu soon.

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