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Sep 20, 2006 03:10 AM

Gabriel Farm, Sebastopol report (w/ pics) Organic Asian Pears and their Asian Pear & Apple nectar drink are Awesome!

Gabriel Farm is a neat small farm that grow and sell organic asian pears and apples, fuyu persimmons, asian pear and ginger marmelade (I should have bought it, $6 a jar), asian pear & apple nectar drink (is awesome) and sells them at their farm and have you-pick at their farm beginning 1st week of Sept. though you need an appointment.

Their organic asian pears are really good. Juicy, sweet, and just delicious chilled. They have organic asian pear (they have 8 different asian pear varieties..I think I only saw 3 at the farm store when I went-who knew they had so many), 4 different types of apple varieties..I didn't see them all, and apple nectar that's really good too. Haven't tried their apples or fuyu persimmons (first appear by late Oct)

They also sell at local markets, whole foods, and farmer's markets:


Gabriel Farm
Lucy & Torrey Olson
3175 Sullivan Rd
Sebastopol, CA 95472

my pics:

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  1. forgot to mention that the asian pear & apple drink was $2 for a pint and $5 for a 1/2 gallon at their farm store, don't know how much they are elsewhere.

    1. Gabriel's apple pear nectar is my favorite juice! They sell it at both the Saturday and Tuesday Berkeley markets at the above mentioned price. I buy it frozen solid so that I have icy, spritzy juice for much of the week. They've also made an apple pear brandy/eau de vie.