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Sep 20, 2006 01:33 AM

Atlantic Fish Company on Boylston

Any opinions on this restaurant?

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  1. Though I haven't been in the past few months, I have always had a good experience there. The fish/seafood is very fresh and tasty. Good atmosphere. Good wine list.

    1. I just went on Monday night after a long absence. We loved it. We sat outside on a beautiful night. Service was very attentive. I had day boat halibut. Cornmeal crusted served with a large portion of lobster meat. Friends had day boat scallops (so huge and sweet) and the sea bass. The sea bass was the star, pan fried and served over lobster ravioli. I believe it was supposed to have spinach but they could not with the spinach recall.

      I didn't order the wine, our waiter suggested a great Oregon pinot. Prices were in the $25-30 range for entrees. We had already had apps prior to dinner and were too full for dessert.

      1. I think this place may be associated with Abe and Louie's next door, or do I have my facts mixed up? The same music is often piped into both place simultaneously, I've noticed.

        1. Both are owned by Back Bay Restaurant Group run by Charlie Sarkis. They also own Charlie's. Joe's, Papa Razzi and the new Bushee.