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Sep 20, 2006 01:28 AM

fun restaurants

I am looking for a place either in the east bay or sf to throw a birthday party this weekend for a friend. We are all recent graduates and some of us are still in school, but up to $30 entree is ok. Preferably, it would be something really fun and unusual. I heard good things about Aziza, so something like that would be good, or maybe something else. I dont know about supperclub, but maybe something in that vein also. Any suggestions?

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  1. Tanjia in Oakland might be better than Aziza for a student budget.

    The chef of Supperclub quit because the management didn't care enough about making the food good.

    1. I would go Aziza all the way. You can definetly afford it as a 5 course tasting menu is $42 dollars, the drinks are fabulous, and they go way out of their way to make you feel special!

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        The drinks at Aziza can really run up the tab. Worth it if you've got the money.

        They don't have dancers any more, if that's what you had in mind by "fun."

      2. This might be out of range, but I've had some prety fun dinners
        at Guaymas Restaurant in Tiburon:

        The entrees are definitely cheeper than $30, so you can
        allocate some of your budget to tequila.

        I've found the wait staff can get into the convivial spirit
        there, as opposed to being irritated. And it's a loudish
        restaurant so, you wont irritate the "serious" diners so
        much I suppose.

        Again, this assumes you are balancing food and atmosphere
        and are able to recruit sober drivers to Tiburon.

        Colibri might deliver, but they are too pricey, I think.

        Tapas are an option too.

          1. Tangerine ( and Chouchou ( are both great for parties. Brunch is more casual and cheaper, dinner is more but still in your price range as both places offer many/most entrees under $20.