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Sep 20, 2006 01:13 AM

I need restaurant suggetions for Azusa

I plan to be taking a family friend out to dinner that is a new student at Azusa Pacific. She doesn't know anything about the restaurants in the area so I've got to throw this out to the Hounds for suggestions as I don't know the area either. I don't want a buffet or fast food place. Mexican, Italian, or fusion would be great. Thanks

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  1. El Gallo Pinto in Azusa is good for Nicaraguan food. They also have a few Mexican dishes.

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      I like El Gallo Pinto a lot, too. In fact, check the link below for my last review.


    2. There's only one place you need to know about!

      Canyon City BBQ. Really.

      Best texas style bbq outside of texas.

      347 N San Gabriel Ave
      Azusa, CA 91702
      (626) 815-4227

      1. Try Petrillo's for pizza/ Italian.

        I do not like Canyon City BBQ. The ribs and pulled pork are dry and flavorless.

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          re: pork at Canyon City. They're Texas style, so beef's the thing.
          I've had the pork a couple of times and it's hit or miss.

          Stick to the brisket. It's always good.

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            I'm a new Petrillo's fan -- been there a small handful of times in the last few months. They have a full menu or standard pasta dishes, but what I really crave is their pizza. It's really good. I've only had the speciality pizza that's on the menu -- it has everything on it, sausage, salami, mushrooms, onions, (and more).... I usually am a 2 topping pizza eater, but this pizza is amazing. I get it thick crust and am never disappointed.

          2. Immediately withing the APU neighborhood (a block or so from some part of the sprawling campus):
            B-Man's Teriyaki - excellent teriyaki bowls and burgers
            Juan Pollo rotisserie chicken that puts tears in Pollo Loco's eyes
            Carvel Ice Cream for, what else?, that excellent ice cream
            The Whole Enchilada, sit-down coffee shop with Mexican food
            L&L Hawaiian Barbecue, rotisserie chicken, pork, & more

            The above establishments are adjacent to the main campus location stretching along Alosta from Citrus Ave. to Barranca Ave. All but B-Man's and Whole Enchilada are located in the shopping center at the corner of Alosta and Barranca.

            A little farther out:
            To the west are Taco King and Taco Taco for really good tacos. Taco King has great carne asada tacos and a huge menu. If you're adventurous, try some of their "offal" meats such as tripas. Taco Taco has really good al pastor tacos. Taco King is on Foothill across from the APU soccer fields, Taco Taco is about one more block west on Foothill.

            To the east, somebody already mentioned Petrillo's which will have the best pizza close by. Flappy Jack's for breakfast is also good and is close to Petrillo's. On the corner of Grand and Route 66 is The Hat which is a must if you like pastrami.

            I agree with the other poster that Canyon City BBQ is not the best.

            1. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I really appreciate them. I just knew that if I threw this question out to the Hounds, I'd get some howls.