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Sep 20, 2006 12:40 AM

Steak sandwich?

I have family visiting from abroad, and they want a real, American steak sandwich. Not roast beef or french dip, not a cheese steak or bbq beef, but basically steak between slices of bread. No vegetables or anything...

I have vague recollections of such things existing in American culinary folklore, but it's not something that's on my culinary radar. I could take 'em to Philippe's, but they'll be disappointed because that's not what they're looking for. (We'll go AFTER they get their steak sandwich!)

Money is no object for this one - I just don't want to have to make it myself (although I will if I have to).


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    1. Musso and Frank grill. it's on the menu, and expensive, 27 bucks or so.

      1. Damon's in Glendale has a decent one on the lunch menu if you're in that neighborhood. Damon's menu is on the website

        1. The Pacific Dining Car has on its Lunch menu:

          Filet Mignon Sandwich (open-faced ?) - $24.95

          Note: Sometimes steak sandwiches are served "open faced" which means they sit atop 1 slice of bread. So ask or call wherever you end up going beforehand if 2 slices of bread makes a difference. Often available ONLY for Lunch.

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            Nook Bistro has a more affordable Flat-Iron Steak Sandwich for $11.00.


            1. re: JBC

              Maybe the easiest option would be at Grand Pa Fred's in Woodland Hills (I haven't a clue though on how good or large they would be):

              Filet Mignon Sandwich - $9.00
              Ribeye Sandwich - $8.50
              New York Strip Sandwich - $8.00


              Personally, I'd would guess I'd like Nook's better.

              1. re: JBC

                Flat iron is not a top notch cut of beef. It ranks below top sirloin. Go for the top cuts, like sirloin or ribeye. FM hasn't got as much taste.

            2. correct the one at musso's is also open faced.