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Steak sandwich?

I have family visiting from abroad, and they want a real, American steak sandwich. Not roast beef or french dip, not a cheese steak or bbq beef, but basically steak between slices of bread. No vegetables or anything...

I have vague recollections of such things existing in American culinary folklore, but it's not something that's on my culinary radar. I could take 'em to Philippe's, but they'll be disappointed because that's not what they're looking for. (We'll go AFTER they get their steak sandwich!)

Money is no object for this one - I just don't want to have to make it myself (although I will if I have to).


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    1. Musso and Frank grill. it's on the menu, and expensive, 27 bucks or so.

      1. Damon's in Glendale has a decent one on the lunch menu if you're in that neighborhood. Damon's menu is on the restaurant.com website

        1. The Pacific Dining Car has on its Lunch menu:

          Filet Mignon Sandwich (open-faced ?) - $24.95


          Note: Sometimes steak sandwiches are served "open faced" which means they sit atop 1 slice of bread. So ask or call wherever you end up going beforehand if 2 slices of bread makes a difference. Often available ONLY for Lunch.

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            Nook Bistro has a more affordable Flat-Iron Steak Sandwich for $11.00.


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              Maybe the easiest option would be at Grand Pa Fred's in Woodland Hills (I haven't a clue though on how good or large they would be):

              Filet Mignon Sandwich - $9.00
              Ribeye Sandwich - $8.50
              New York Strip Sandwich - $8.00


              Personally, I'd would guess I'd like Nook's better.

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                Flat iron is not a top notch cut of beef. It ranks below top sirloin. Go for the top cuts, like sirloin or ribeye. FM hasn't got as much taste.

            2. correct the one at musso's is also open faced.

              1. Pete's Cafe is fantastic. Here's their menu description:

                Rib-eye Steak Sandwich $14
                marinated rib-eye steak, baby arugula and caramelized onion and tomatoes with horseradish aioli on toasted baguette


                1. Try the Shore House Cafe in Belmont Shore, they serve an excellent open-faced rib-eye steak sandwich, approx. $13 includes the usual sides (french fries) and veg.
                  Shore House Cafe
                  5271 East 2nd Street

                  1. Morton's (lunch only)
                    Houston's- Prime Rib Sandwich, wicked good!

                    1. Thanks for the insight - for some reason actual steakhouses hadn't even occurred to me. I usually frequent Nick & Stef's and they don't offer one.

                      There's one other glitch that I'm trying to keep in mind. I'm dealing with the British for this one, so they'll only eat their meat well done. I'm apprehensive about going to one of the nicer steakhouses for this reason, so something like Taylor's/Musso & Frank might be better. I'd love to try Nook, but it's probably too frou-frou for this audience!


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                        Nothing frou-frou about Nook whatsoever. Very casual and down home in a very tasty kind of way. Taylor's is frou-frou by comparison.

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                          Oh, that was unclear, wasn't it? I'm not concerned about the setting, but the style of food. Nook's steak sandwich is ancho rubbed with grilled onion...

                          Based on my own taste, I'd pick Nook, hands down!

                      2. They have a steak sandwich on the menu at Cafe Angelique, in downtown LA. Here's a link to the website, with address and menu:


                        It's a really nice place for lunch -- quaint and completely unexpected amongst the myriad pedestrian lunch options in downtown LA.

                        1. They also have a pretty tasty steak sandwich at Magnolia on Sunset at Vine. And they'll cook it anyway you want it.

                          1. A good steak sandwich is a 50s thing that has gone out of fashion.

                            Your best bet would be to get a real butcher to cut you a real flank steak. Marinate it overnight and then grill it to a medium rare. Let it rest for 20 or 30 minutes and then slice medium slices on the bias. Serve lovely moist pinky-red slices on great, but not too crusty, bread topped with grilled mushrooms and/or grilled onion and crumbles of blue cheese.

                            1. They weren't asking how to make one, but where to get one. They said they don't want to make one themselves.

                              1. Try The Dip, on Ventura Blvd. at Tyrone (just East of Van Nuys). Better pastrami, beef or lamb dip than Philippe's, Langers, The Hat or Johnnies Pastrami. Great homemade pickles too.