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Sep 20, 2006 12:19 AM

Not to be missed in Wilmington?

Wife, Mother-in-law & I are heading to Wilmington mid November. Any hot tips for interesting local spots? We'd be looking for various asian options, fish & vegetarian friendly! Thanks

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  1. I'm a vegetarian living in Wilmington, and just posted a bunch of area recommendations under the Newport thread here:

    "Interesting" is an adjective that's not used very often in terms of northern DE dining, but if you venture out into Kennett Square, I'd say Half Moon is your best bet for local specialties (i.e. mushroom based dishes) with some good veg options. Have heard good things about Sovana Bisto as well, but have yet to check it out. Also, consider trekking over to Avondale to check out Va La Vineyards:

    Occasionally on weekends they'll have a grill cart on premises where I've had a pretty awesome grilled tofu sandwich. Website should tell you if & when. And their wine tasting includes some local foods (cheese, chocolates) as well. (Don't miss the young goat cheese and honey.


    As far as Asian goes, good luck. Some may recommend Bangkok House on Union Street. I would have too, once upon a time, but have had two instances in a row that put me off of it. They do have a good mock duck dish that I'll order takeout on occasion when I'm in a forgiving mood. There have been recommendations for Shang Hai (ask for the Chinese menu) on this board recently. Haven't tried it yet, but hope to very soon...

    Some other qualifiers for 'interesting' that I go into a little more detail on in my post on the Newport thread might be Pizza by Elizabeth's, Toscana, Buckley's Taven, and Casablanca.

    Note that Capriotti's has a sizeable veg menu that you'd never know about -- there are about a half dozen of them in the area, so if you're looking for a quick but filling bite their veg turkey sub will do the trick. (They have good veg hot dogs, too.)

    1. One reasonably interesting place is Culinaria (in a strip mall at the corner of Marsh & Silverside Rds. in north Wilmington)--I haven't been there for a few years, mainly because they're no longer open for lunch, but the dinner menu is pretty good. A new favorite is Domaine Hudson (see my review on this board a month or two ago)--the menu there is pretty short, but there are some veg/fish options.

      There have been several discussions recently of Chinese food in Wilmington, and a lot of other restaurants in the area, so please do a search of the last month or two.

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          1. Restaurant 821 is the best restaurant that I have been to in Wilmington. Truly inspired meun and plenty of fish options. I second the recommendation for Toscana, which is a very comfortable, somewhat upscale, rustic Italian.