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Sep 20, 2006 12:04 AM

pico robertson eats?

aside from factor's deli for matzoh ball soup, pastrami, and lox, and beverlywood bakery for b&w cookies and raspberry fingers, what are some good spots to check out in the pico robertson area?

good schwarma nearby i imagine?

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  1. Magic Carpet is a few blocks east of Pico and Robertson (8566 W. Pico Blvd.).

    The Melawach is a must order.

    FYI, Magic Carpet is a kosher (meat) restaurant and is closed on Friday nights and Saturday

    1. Versailles at Pico & LaCienega is a staple in the neighborhood. Also there is a Thai place on the north side of Pico west of Robertson called TUK TUK that I found very good.

      1. Magic Carpet is indeed wonderful. Nagila on Pico just east of Beverly Drive (across from Factor's Deli) makes a really tasty baba ganoush and their shawerma is also yummy.

        If you like soup, there's a place on Robertson and Cadillac called The Bagel Factory. I like their bagels okay, but their soups are delicious - especially the carrot soup, corn chowder (non-dairy and really tasty) and mushroom soup. Very reasonably priced - for about four and a half dollars you get a medium, 16 oz. soup and a free bagel - a nice little meal for the money. It's always pretty crowded and the parking can b a bear, but it's worth it. I believe every soup is non-dairy and kosher.

        1. Instead of Factor's, try Label's Table on Pico east of Robertson (on the same side of the street but, I think, closer to Robertson) -- they have great deli meats and cheeses, and sandwiches, but they do close early and aren't open for dinner.

          Magic Carpet, as mentioned, is very good-- so is Haifa, which is on the north side of Robertson Blvd, about a block east of Pico.

          Twin Dragon is pretty good Chinese food (some on this board think it is better than that).

          South of Pico, on the east side of Robertson (south of the newsstand) is du Jardin, a French bistro/flower shop, that is very informal, no alcohol, but good French bistro choices.

          The Bagel Factory is mentioned above -- I think their bagels are among the best in town, and the soups are good as well. Kosher.

          I have heard (but haven't tried) that a place called Pico Deli, on Pico west of Robertson, does really good deli sandwiches, and is kosher to boot.

          This area may actually be, foot for foot, one of the best eating stretches in town, which is a Chowhound topic in itself.

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            Ok I meant Haifa is on the NORTH side of Pico, and EAST of Robertson.

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              Haifa is really good. You can sit outside and bring your dog.

              There's always Nathan's...

          2. bibi's warmstone bakery does baked goods like you'd find on a side street in tel aviv. sesame bagels (not the fat smooshy kind, but a bigger pretzelier ring), as well as pockets filled with your choice of various vegetables and feta, all baked in a stone oven. they also do a pretty good shakshuka for breakfast.

            next door is Jeff's Gourmet Sausages. all kosher, so no pork sausages, but merguez, chicken apple, turkey italian, etc., all really good.