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Sep 19, 2006 11:53 PM

Wings in Ottawa

What are some good places to have wings in Ottawa, whether for a good price or just plain good wings.

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  1. Local Heroes is a favourite amongst many Ottawans, hands down.

    1. We absolutely LOVE the wings at the Earl of Sussex pub on, what else, Sussex Drive. But only if you like super, super spicy. The rest of the food is strictly mediocre; however, one of the cooks makes their suicide sauce himself (we finally asked the waitress, after being in awe of this sauce)... some combination of balsamic vinegar and jalapeno. Much different texture (little chunks) and colour (eggplant) of normal wing sauce. Its honestly, hands down, the best suicide wing sauce we've ever had (as opposed to the usual Frank's Red Hot extra spicy). The wings are fairly meaty, as well, but go for the sauce. We ask for extra on the side.

      1. Lieutenant's Pump on Elgin also make all their own sauces, but small wings

        1. Local Hero's has big- really big - wings. While popular, I think it destroys the skin to meat ratio. Isn't that the point of wings? Lots of skin? I'd also give kudos to the Liet's pump as well as Quinn's in old Ottawa South (Bank St.)- but ask for extra hot sauce on the side.

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            Local Heroes now serves a smaller wing, as well as the large chicken wing.

          2. Local Heroes wings for sure. Their traditional wings are larger than anyother place I have been in Ottawa, great hot sauce, but the Jumbo wings are not split and very messy, alittle too much. So go with the traditional wings.

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