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Sep 19, 2006 11:32 PM

NOLA Lunch Recommendations?

I have a weekend in NOLA coming up soon. Have reservations at Brigtsen's and August for dinner. Need some recs for lunches on Saturday and Sunday. We haven't been back in almost two years. Anything new and good?

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  1. Crabby Jacks is great for lunch if you like fried seafood po-boys or platter.

    As just about everyone on this board will tell you, if you haven't been to Dick and Jenny's, go!!!

    1. I like Stanley over by the French Market for lunch. Also, Bayona is excellent and they serve lunch.

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      1. re: mgarland

        Do you know if Bayona is open for lunch now on Saturdays? Their website shows only weekdays.

        1. re: River Rat

          They're advertising a "light lunch" on Saturdays. Haven't been, so I can't vouch for what qualifies as light lunch.

      2. I think they are- at least they were during mardi gras (the last time I was down there).

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        1. re: mgarland

          Thanks -- hadn't even thought of Bayonna for lunch. Is Galatoire's open for lunch on Saturday? If so, what about the lines? I'll be there this weekend. Anything special going on in NOLA this weekend?

          1. re: River Rat

            We went to Galatoires for lunch around 11:30 on a weekend morning- perfect time with no wait, crowd just begining to arrive, great service!

        2. I had the most wonderful Saturday lunch at Lilette a few weeks ago. I highly recommend it.