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Sep 19, 2006 11:30 PM

Mao's Kitchen on Melrose?

There's a really big mural on the side of a building on Melrose that says Mao's Kitchen. It's my favorite place in Venice (I used to work down the street) and home of my most favorite chinese-type chicken salad ever. Looks like they're opening on Melrose which is down the street from my house, and now that I don't work in Venice I never make it over there! My stomach is happy. Anyone know when it's supposed to open?

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    1. re: mehfactor

      On the north side of the street...not sure of the cross street, but it's between Fairfax and La time I drive by I'll take note of the streets.

    2. You mean Red Pearl Kitchen? is it where mesonG used to be? it's seems like it's a chinese/pan asian restaurant from SD and huntington beach. i looked at the menu and it reminds me of PF Chang's.

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      1. re: trolley

        No, not that one. That's actually even closer to my place!

        If you go down about 8 or 9 blocks heading west, it's on the same side of the street. I think it's next to that auto upholstery place, and that little shack that sells weird funky items (like big cows and old neon signs)'s the side of a white building that you can really only see if you're coming from west to east. But painted on the side it says Mao's Kitchen in red and yellow.

      2. Sounds like the old Tommy Tang's space, just W of The Groundlings.

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          1. re: cincodemayo1

            What else is good there, Cinco? I have several friends who have raved about in the past.

            1. re: Ciao Bob


              The Crispy Salad is great...looks of interesting veggies. Delicious dressing.

              The noodles and sauce they give you on the table is great too, and unique.

              I usually get the salt & pepper seafood. Lightly fried, mixed in with green and white onions, and jalapeƱos.

              The onion pancake app (maybe called the peasent pancake?) is really good. The wonton soup is also unique and very good.

              And I always see people ordering these huge bowls of soups/noodle dishes. All look great.

              They also have a big variety of teas, and they give you a personal pot.

              Let me know how you like it.

        1. 1 works for maos kitchen in the plumbing of his restaurant and have been call out to do city standards to meet city codes for new restaurant beleve me he want to open asap so it depend on ciy inspector to pass final then we are cooking wth fire

          1. YES! Mao's Kitchen is now open on Melrose (between Fuller & Poinsettia) it is the old Tommy Tang's space. They opened about a week ago -- same menu -- same incredible food. Not many have caught on yet, so now is the time to go. SO glad to have them in the neighborhood!

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            1. re: francoise9

              Any word on their delivery radius?