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Sep 19, 2006 11:09 PM

Where can I find lychee jelly for purchase?

I have shopped most of the Asian markets in Los Angeles and I can not find lychee jelly -- the kind that is used in the boba drinks. I have looked at both cans and jars; perhaps it is labeled by another name?

Some lychee jellies seem to be juicier than others. Is there a particular brand that I should try to find?

Thanks for any information!

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  1. Maybe you're thinking of Nata de Coco? Little squarish translucent jellies?

    There are also aloe vera jellies (though in a larger cutes than the small nata de coco) that are packaged in hard plastic pouch, comes in Muscat grape, Lychee, and one other flavor (i forget, plain perhaps? or pineapple)They are made in Thailand, with the brand name of "Panchy".

    Come to think of it, there are glass jars of the nata de coco produced in Thailand as well. They are also bigger than those found in Boba Drinks, but taste the same. I don't have a brand name off hand.

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      HLing -- Thanks for your response, and your information will help in my search. I still have a couple of questions:
      *Do you think I can find the lychee flavor of these jellies in a Japanese, Chinese or Korean market, or do I need a Thai market?
      *I have seen the aloe vera jellies, both in cans and jars, but I have never seen the lychee I need to look more closely? Is it very common? I am specifically searching for the lychee flavor.
      Thanks again!

      1. re: liu

        From Pei's reply I realize that there are actually three types of jellies we can be talking about:

        1)semi moist ones like those in a mini cup where you have to peel the top off and squeeze out. (Pei's reply and picture)

        2)jellies soaked in syrup, like the ones I'm thinking of. The aloe vera ones are quite a lot softer and almost without resistance in texture than the nata de coco, which is firm and springy.

        Of the Aloe Vera jellie I've only seen the brand I mentioned (Panchy) that had 3 different flavors. I found these in a Korean food market that had some selective stock of Chinese groceries. Be careful though..there were other brands of Aloe Vera Jellie that tasted really really nasty, chemical, bleach-like..yucky!

        3)Those Japanese candies with Muscat grape, Pineapple, Honeydew, Lychee, and Apple flavors of the dry squishy candies.

        Good luck and let me know which ones you are looking for.

    2. A lot of Asian markets sell lychee jelly in the candy section. It comes in a big plastic tub, and each candy is in a little plastic cup the size of an ice cube. It may not have caught your attention because it's not in a big square like jello.

      It might be a bit of a pain if you're going to put it in your own boba drink because you have to peel off the cover of each and cut them into smaller cubes, but it's one option. Usually people just eat them like candy.

      The tubs look like this photo, but sometimes are just round, or look like other animals. But the clear plastic with red top is pretty prevalent in 99 Ranch and other Chinese markets. And all the brands I've tasted are exactly the same.

      1. I'm assuming you're referring to lychee flavored coconut jelly.

        1. The original comment has been removed