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Sep 19, 2006 10:48 PM

Falletti's complex update

Haven't seen anything about this on these boards, but according to a sign outside the building, they now have a target date of opening October 25. There will also be a new DeLessio's and Peet's in the building when they open.

I for one am more than excited to have a quality butcher back in the neighborhood. I emailed with Jeff the butcher yesterday (who has been with Petrini's since he was 11) to ask about their meat selection. Jeff pledges he will have a great selection of natural and organic meats in all the meat classes, Diestel turkeys for Thanksgiving, and will get me any specialty cut pre-ordered. (I even asked about pork shoulder with skin-on, which is very difficult to get from any non-Chinatown butchers!) Hip hip hooray!

I'm also rather excited about the second DeLessio's location, as I'm already a big fan of the existing place.

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  1. Man do we miss Petrini's and real butchers! Take good care of that guy, bake him cookies, whatever it takes. Didn't know there were any Petrini's guys left...started at 11, yikes!

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      He says he'll be there every day until first of the year to make sure he's meeting everyone and get a good feel of what they should be handling. So all of us local houds in the neighborhood should all make an effort to go in and make chow-ish meat orders early so we can affect the product line. :-)

      I don't think he would mind if I pasted his email. Here it is.

      "Dear Celeste,i am very honored to reply to you that Falletti's Meat Dept will get for you anything you want...that means jeff (me) will personally make sure that the pork shoulder w/skin on (to enjoys that crackled skin after it's cooked) will be in your basket when you want it.we are handling Diestal turkeys...the full line and I want to be able to offer to everyone whatever unique items or non-unigue they would want. Does everyone want bacon on the rind....maybe not but if you would like it i promise to get it for you...and I sincerely hope to please everyone in the neighborhood. Combination of natural and organic products in all the meat classes and i intend to be available till the first of the year everyday because I want to meet everyone and get a good feel of what to handle. I started with Petrini's when I was 11 and haven't stopped. I'm 54 now and love my work. Hope to meet you and we hope to open the 25th of Oct. Please make it a point to say hello, cause I will."

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    2. Awesome!
      i miss Falletti's so much.
      they were the only butchers i ever saw have Kidney chops in their case.
      How beautiful. couldn't bring myself to eat one, but what a great looking cut.

      anyway, you can buy porkshoulder with the skin on from the butcher's in Tower Market. They are still the same guys from when it was Tower, even though it is now a Mollie Stone's.

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        Not convenient for you, but in case anyone is looking for veal kidney chops, my b-i-law gets his from Lunardi's (Walnut Creek, Concord, etc.). Not a special order.

      2. I asked at Delessios and they said they think probably a November opening...he said there won't be any interior seating (bummer if true.....they are trying to get exterior seating he said...

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        1. A real butcher. Sounds great! Where will this place be?

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            The new Falletti's will be at the new Broderick Place development, on Broderick Street between Fell and Oak. Kind of a nexus between the Upper Haight, North of Panhandle, Lower Haight, and Western Addition. A great location. The history is that Falletti's used to be on Fulton between Masonic and Central until they had to leave several years ago to make way for the development that includes the Albertson's (ugh) there. I've heard for years they were re-opening but it's been going very slow.

          2. The original comment has been removed