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Sep 19, 2006 10:45 PM

Breakfast in Brookline/JP/Longwood area

Hello. Looking for a good breakfast place (open weekdays) in Brookline/JP/Longwood. Not crazy about Omelettry so far and didn't like Brigham Circle Diner at all. We like Sorella's but want to find another decent breakfast around here. I like Sealey's, but hubby doesn't. Any suggestions?

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  1. The Busy Bee on Beacon Street right at St. Mary's is decent for breakfast and you can't beat the old time diner atmosphere.

    1. Zaftig's in Coolidge Corner opens at 8, and serves breakfast all day (I always get potato pancakes, but others recommend challah french toast).

      It may barely count as Brookline, but Eagle's Deli in Cleveland Circle has good (to me) greasy spoon breakfast (I make a meal from the home fries. Hmm, it's possible I have a breakfast potato problem....)

      1. I'm someone who views the**Big Line** that inevitably forms outside of Zaftig's as something of a mystery. The strength of that place is the lack of effective competition in the neighborhood. Admittedly, I've not gone in quite a while, but my bfasts there in the past have been mediocre and quite expensive! I've never been served bad food there, just overpriced moderately good food in a great atmosphere.

        On the Coolidge Corner slope, I would say that the bagels and cream cheese at Kupel's are a steal for how well they fill you up and how good and cheap they are! (NB: Skip the rest of the bakery at Kupel's, as it is second-rate.) If you can find it on Thorndike Street, there's Clear Flour Bakery. Amazing European bakery at reasonable prices, and a little teeny park across the street in which to enjoy nosh-y munchies. (No seating at Clear Flour: Limited seating at Kupel's...)

        Weekends in JP provide two great options: The Center Street Cafe (another **Big Line** kinda place) serves amazing breakfasts for those willing to endure the necessary wait. The "hidden gem" in this neighborhood is across the street from Center Street Cafe: The Purple Cactus serves breakfast burritos on weekends, and only after 9 or 10. There are a couple of variations on the bfast menu, but the ingredients are always super fresh and the food super tasty. Also: Purple Cactus isn't that bad on the wallet.

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          There was a time when we really loved Zaftig's; it's hit or miss now, one has the feeling that they are not paying attention any longer, and I am inclined to agree that the cause is lack of competition.

          When we want a fantastic breakfast, we leave the neighborhood entirely and go to Talk of the Town in Watertown (I think they have 1 or 2 other restaurants in other towns, but the place is family-run). Their omelettes alone are worth a trip: perectly cooked, some nice combinations, and about a millimeter thick.

        2. yeah, centre street cafe is pretty good. my understanding is that while they do not open until lunchtime during the week, you can order their breakfast items once they are open. i'm not sure about this, though.

          sorella's i thought was pretty mediocre and uninspiring. i never understood the attraction of that place.

          purple cactus is ok, but is closer to a fast-food, hippie-organic take on a taqueria than a sit-down restaurant per se.

          sort of in jp is canto 6, a bakery at the intersection of green and washington streets. their yeast breads come from clear flour, i believe, and are very good. they have nice quick breads (muffins, scones, etc.) as well, and they even have seating where you can enjoy your baked good and coffee and a newspaper in the morning. it's my favorite bakery in jp.

          you can also check out some of the other bakeries in jp too, though: blue frog (uninspired and uninspiring), sweet finnish (huge, quiet space, but limited selection) and fiore's (i'm not sure what they have for breakfast type things) come to mind.

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          1. re: autopi

            JP response: Always liked Sorella's; mango banana walnut pancakes.

            Try the pulla (like brioche with cardamom) at Sweet Finnish, they are excellent. They have free wifi now as well for people who like wired breakfast.

            Had some sort of Irish Mexican eggs and potato dish at Centre Street Cafe; portions are *huge*. Kinda nosy and close inside though. Nice staff.

            Best coffee is at JP Licks on Centre Street. They have H&H bagels there too.

          2. Martin's in Brookline Village is good. The Longwood Grill in the Galleria serves breakfast. Game On in Kenmore Sq. is open early but it doesn't look like anyone goes for breakfast yet. Bon Savor on the corner of Centre St. and Pond has a nicer breakfast (on weekends, not positive about weekdays) and the Forest Hills Diner is a greasy spoon across from the T stop.

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              Bon Savor is open for breakfast from 7:30 Monday - Friday, according to their website ( Haven't tried it personally, but friends are very into their omelets.