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Sep 19, 2006 10:15 PM

Where can I buy french onion soup crocks/bowls in NoVA?

Trying to find a store where I can get some restaurant-quality onion soup crocks in Northern VA. Any ideas?


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  1. Try any Sur La Table. I know there is one in Tyson's. We bought ours there and love them. I believe they even make ones wit covers now.

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    1. re: unicorn633

      Thanks so much. I actually have to go to that dreaded mall tonight so I'm glad I asked now!

      1. re: unicorn633

        They carry exactly what I'm looking for, but unfortunately only stock them in the winter months.

      2. Have you tried Pier 1 or World Market? They have lots of stuff like that, and cheaper than Sur La Table (there's also one of those at Pentagon Row if that's less repulsive to you than Tyson's Corner).

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        1. re: MikeR

          Tried 'em both...I think its time for an internet order.

          1. re: Lowbar

            How about Williams Sonoma? If you want something more rustic, there's a kitchen supply type of store in Tysons that might have it. Don't remember the name though.

        2. Every time I go to a thrift store (Salvation Army, Value Village) there's always at least two or three onion soup crocks in the cookery section, next to the worn-out frying pans and Elvis plates. And they're usually 50 cents each.

          1. Tuesday Morning is another good place to try

            1. My mom lives in York PA and got me a set of crocks for my birthday from the Pfaltzgraff outlet there. They aren't in NOVA, but it might be worthwhile checking to see if you can shop online (not sure when you need them by)?