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Challah in the East Bay

Ideally, I'd like to find a bakery/grocery in North Berkeley. I am aware of Nabolom's in Elmwood. I am sure Cheeseboard has challah, but looking for other favorites.

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  1. I'm not a big fan of Semifreddi in general, but their challah is good.

    I am a big fan of Bennett Valley (Saturday Berkeley farmers market), noticed the other day that they had challah. Haven't tried it.

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        At their retail shop (not a bakery) at 372 Colusa, Andronico's, or Berkeley Bowl.

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              So far it is Irvings..he used to deliver door to door...don't know if he is in the East Bay...see if his website helps...


      2. I like the challah at the kosher bakery on Grand (Grand Bakery, or something?)

        Semifreddi's is decent; not great.

        1. there's a place called House of Bread on San Pablo Ave just north of Solano -- haven't been there yet myself.

          1. I know that Acme (Cedar and San Pablo) has it on occasion. They can actually get any item you want from their other locations (I sometimes get their hot dog buns sent over from one of the San Francisco locations).

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              They have it on Fridays and Saturdays. It is made with butter.

            2. While not in North Berkeley, The Bread Workshop on University (near the Andronicos) has challah. It has really good flavor but occasionally it's too dry.

              1. Hopkins Street Bakery does plain and seeded challahs in small and large sizes. Better than the plastic bagged products - because it's still fresh. It's a little sweeter than the Cheeseboard Arizamendi product, and tastier than the La Farine version.

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                  Does it have a crusty exterior or soft?
                  Is it a little 'eggy' tasting?

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                    Soft and a little eggy, not over the top. Slightly sweet and moist without losing all texture.

                2. Not in Berkeley, but just as a data point for you challah lovers, Feel Good bakery in Alameda has been making challah on weekends (Friday/Saturday?). I haven't tried it (and I'm not challah expert) but it looks good. IIRC, their version has sesame seeds, not poppy seeds, which suggests to me that it may be more savory than sweet.