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Sep 19, 2006 10:01 PM

lounge, drinks, fun

asking one and all chowhounds:

know of a good spot with:
-good dance-able music?
-good drinks?
-great finger foods?
-(relatively) affordable?

need a lively, fun bar/restaurant for a get-together of sorts on a friday or saturday night. hollywood, downtown, westside, anywhere.

please help~

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  1. I would try the new Red Pearl Kitchen in the old Meson G space near Melrose and Highland. I went with a group on Friday for an impromptu birthday and it was festive. They have a nice size bar area and a very large lounge with seating and a pool table. The menu is composed of apps and larger dishes that are meant to be done family style, so easy to share if you aren't doing a sit down thing.

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    1. re: echo eater

      yes!! exactly the type of venue i was looking for.. any other suggestions?? i anticipate much lounging in oversized comfortable seating of sorts.. and good drinks! likely an after-dinner event as well, with dinner being an option for early arrivals...

      1. re: so_hungry

        Bungalow Club is good for all those things...also Oasis on La Brea is good too. Not "foodie" food, necessarily, but good finger foods (and entrees if you want), DJs and a lively crowd.

    2. I second the Bungalow Club. I threw a birthday party for a friend there a couple of weekends ago and although the food didn't change my life, it was definitely enjoyable and very easy for a large group to share food and mingle. You can make a reservation for a bungalow in the courtyard if you're willing to do a seated dinner (as we did) or you can just mingle in the bar. One word of warning: check to see if they're holding any private parties there that evening because it can mean that they close off the upstairs portion of the bar.