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Sep 19, 2006 09:38 PM

Outdoor wedding venues with good food / great catering

I am getting married next Sept. 1 in Lowell, MA and am trying to have the reception outside somewhere. I would prefer someplace where I can have outside catering and/or alcohol and just rent the outdoor space, but I realize this may not be possible. So I am looking for suggestions for anywhere with good food and a nice setting, within 45 minutes from Lowell. Also looking for good, reasonable caterers. Thanks in advance for any help with this very difficult request.

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  1. Hi,

    I've been to two events at the Stonehedge Inn, in Tyngsboro, and both were lovely. They have an excellent chef/catering department which provides delicious cuisine. The setting is quite elegant and I think it might fit your needs:

    1. we got married at the pierce house in lincoln. it was amazing, they let you post a tent and you can choose your own caterer.... we went with east coast grill... it was awesome.

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        I have heard great things about the Pierce house as well although I have never been. I know the Pierce House is run by SPNEA as is the lyman estate and the codman house. Maybe not the same Pierce House though as this one is in Dorchester.

        Here's a link to some different venues, some seem interesting.

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          It's not the same, Pierce House in Lincoln is run by staff on site. The Codman House on the SPNEA site is nice too, though also in Lincoln. I work for a caterer that does quite a bit of work at both.

      2. What are you looking for as far as food is concerned? Something traditional or ethnic? I am sure the chowhounds will have many suggestions.

        1. Elm Bank in Wellesley is beautiful - owned by Mass Hort

          Woodmans does catered clambakes

          Boston Unique Events in Watertown is fabulous!

          1. let me second the East Coast Grill as the caterer - prices were reasonable, their listening skills were great, the food was awesome. we had a winter wedding for my daughter and they still managed to set up a tent during a snowstorm and cook amazing food outside. we bought the wine from Gordon's in Waltham and the Grill provided a bartender and servers, etc. We've married off three kids and while all the weddings were great, we'd vote for the Grill uber ales. We've been to several weddings at Pierce House - very nice and with East Coast as your caterer I'm betting youll be very happy. Oh, and Athans did the wedding cake - my kids wanted untraditional: dark chocolate with chestnut mousse - my guests tell me it was the best darn wedding cake they ever had