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Sep 19, 2006 09:33 PM

If the Bay Area Only Had a .......

I'll probably get dinged here for being off topic, but it seems reasonable to me to point out restaurant concepts that seem to be lacking in the Bay Area & might make a good addition. Maybe a budding restauranteur will pick up on the ideas, maybe these types of places already exist locally and we need to be made aware. My nominee: Kazimierz in Scottsdale:
What's different?
* Full menu to closing time at 2am
* Wine selection from 40 countries, 2900 bottles
* Excellent Med small plates, flatbreads, fruit, olive,cheese plates
* Interior DARK ...leaded glass covers only window, no front door,
no signage -- you gotta know where it is
* Sound damping is well done with curtains, tiles (jazz 2-3
nites/week), you can whisper and hold conversations
* Room is a nice mix of tables, sofas, & easy chairs with a private
curtained room in back
* Interesting & informative website

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  1. Oola and Globe serve till 1am, if there were demand they'd probably stay open later.

    I think real estate around here is too expensive to maintain a 2900-bottle cellar. California's inventory tax might also be a problem.

    Flatbreads, olives, and cheese plates are very trendy.

    1. A good deli that sold roast beef, ham, pastrami, corned beef, smoked turkey, etc made in house using high quality meats. Limited seating for sandwiches, soup, etc. but the primary purpose would be selling deli meat by the pound for use at home. There'd be a line out the door every day.

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        1. re: Chuckles the Clone

          I think he means more of a Katz's or Langer's type deli.

          1. re: Porthos

            Miller's east west deli on Polk -- it's no Langer's but it's as close as i've gotten (w/o spending $18 on a sandwich) north of LA.

        2. re: Morton the Mousse

          Ah, now you've come to your senses! Dream on, though. Maybe you should fly down to L.A. and make whichever Langer is running the deli these days an offer he can't refuse....a whole brisket in his bed upon awakening?

        3. Amen, Morton. Some places you can find, but not New York-style. In fact, I find it's difficult to find a good sandwich place, period--not sprouts and pitas, but for-real hot sandwiches. There's a place at Post and... Jones? that had terrific sandwiches--Italian sausage, polish sausage, etc.--but the service is slow and I haven't been back in a while.

          Has anyone been to the place in North Beach that sells Primanti Bros' sandwiches? That's Pittsburgh-style with slices of Italian rbead, coleslaw, and french fries, usually with some kind of ham and cheese. Or double egg and cheese, if that's your bag. I haven't been there yet and I have only one friend who's been there AND been to the original Primanti's in Pittsburgh, so I only have one source for the quality. I've had a Primanti's style in Berkeley, but they used hoagie rolls, not slices of bread.

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            1. re: Melanie Wong

              If you're looking for a real sandwich, with real bread and many of the meats typically found in an old deli, try Quincy's on Market near Van Ness, open for lunch. There's also a bigger one, whose name escapes me right now, across the street from the huge megaplex at Northgate in San Rafael.

          1. Kohr Bros, the best frozen custard on the planet. I can still remember fondly the taste of the last one I ate, about 3 years ago, on the boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland. Mint and Chocolate Twirl dipped in Chocolate. Sigh. I admit that I've even written to them and asked them to open a store in California. (I got the usual corporate reply. "We appreciate your feedback...")


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            1. re: JoyM

              Kohr's is great...I really love REAL frozen's another link for other custard places