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Sep 19, 2006 09:04 PM

Skyr (Iceland cheese/similar to yogurt??) - Available in North America/Toronto

When I was in Iceland I had Skyr pretty much every day...

It comes in yogurt like packaging and originally I thought it was an Icelandic yogurt product. But, turns out it is a type of cheese.

I have been googling around looking to find out if I can get this anywhere in the Toronto area but I haven't had much luck (there was mention that it was available at certain Whole Foods stores in the USA but, it doesn't look like it is available at Whole Foods in Oakville or Toronto

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  1. A bump up of my first post ever on here 3 years ago. I am still looking to find this in Toronto area. I have since had it while in New York a few times but I have never seen it at any store in Canada.

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      Here's the scoop.
      The only importer into North America (currently) is Whole Foods - although they don't list it anywhere on their web site.
      However it is only distributed (currently) to their 'Eastern US' Region (for sure it includes New York and doesn't include Chicago). I haven't been able to check Buffalo yet. All the flavours (except Pear) are readily available in New York.
      Whole Foods Canada seem never to have heard of it - it's not on their list of products. I got this info from an outlet in Chicago who has been trying to get it for his store
      My suspicion is that Canada's 'dairy regulations' - won't permit it. Got to protect our dairy farmers from the potential ravages of skyr. I believe Ontario (maybe Canada) currently prevents ALL importations of unpasteurized 'cheese products' that are less than 60-days old - which pretty much eliminates skyr as its shelf life is less than that! The reported logic is to prevent outbreaks of listeria (despite the fact that listeria has NEVER been found in unpasteurized imported 'cheese' in Ontario). Technically skyr is a cheese, not a yoghurt - as you pointed out in your original post.

      1. re: estufarian

        Yes, I've never seen it here, but have procured it in NYC.

        It is delicious, and sadly one of those cheeses that you will likely have to smuggle in.


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          Wonder if that's the same regulation that keeps Fage -- an actual yogurt, not cheese -- out of Canada... When I asked the company, they alluded to some kind of restriction.

      2. Apparently it is available from Arborg, Manitoba at Pederson's. Large Icelandic community near Gimli.

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        1. I interviewed a maker of Skyr in Iceland last fall, to their knowledge there was only one operation outside of Iceland that made this product and that was in New York city. They also mentioned occasional shipments of skyr to the Icelandic population in Gimli.

          I'll have to go back the the tapes and get names.


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          1. re: legourmettv

            Thanks for the info. I wish they would open up shop in Canada!

            1. re: legourmettv

              Well, I live in Manitoba and will check it out and report back.

            2. I saw this stuff on BIZARRE FOODS... didn't look to appealing!

              they sprinkle sugar on it

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              1. re: duckdown

                Nothing Bizarre about it, in some places sugar was sprinkled on but the best I had was with some berries in it without sugar.

                Wait a second... maybe using the secretions of another mammal, adding bacteria and a compound from the stomach lining of a different mammal is bizarre!

                Oh sorry, that's just cheese and yoghourt.


                1. re: duckdown

                  Uh, have you tried it? Its actually quite delicious.


                  1. re: Splendid Wine Snob

                    Uh yeah I have tried it, and I enjoy it, as I think I said in previous posts... I also defended it as being not bizarre / no more bizarre than anything else we eat namely cheese and yoghourt.
                    See Excerpt - "Nothing Bizarre about it, in some places sugar was sprinkled on - but the best I had was with some berries in it without sugar."


                    1. re: legourmettv

                      If you look in the upper right hand corner, my response was not directed to you!


                    2. re: Splendid Wine Snob

                      bizzarre foods is a TV show, i'm not making this stuff up...just saying it didnt look that good

                  2. Today's Toronto Sun has a recipe for skyr on page 34.